If you’re struggling with hair loss, either as a result of alopecia, cancer treatment, or any other health condition, then you may be wondering whether you should simply cut your losses and shave your head. Losing your hair is usually accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions such as sadness, feelings of loss, anger and frustration at your body not behaving in the way that you might have hoped it would.

Every woman will approach their hair loss differently and for some, it can be a relief to shave their head and start again with a wig. Modern wigs are so natural looking that no one would ever know you were wearing one, especially if you choose a ladies wig from a UK stockist. This is particularly true if you are losing your own hair in patches, and struggle to cope with the uncertainty of not knowing if or when the next chunk of hair will fall out.


There is No Right or Wrong Answer

Many people will look to the internet to help them decide whether the time is right for them to shave their head, but the reality is that there is no right or wrong answer. It’s a decision that only you can make, and one you should feel fully comfortable with before you take the plunge: once you have shaved all of your hair off, you can’t put it back on. Your loved ones may offer advice and support, but it really is a decision that only you can make.

Talk to those around you, take your time, and fully consider all of the options available to you. If you have decided that you would like to wear a wig full time then it may well be easier (and more comfortable) to have a shaved head underneath your wig: this will minimize any itching you experience and also make it easier to secure your wig in place. Equally if you find the idea of removing your hair yourself just too distressing then there is no harm in leaving it to fall out at its own pace. There is no right or wrong time to decide to shave your hair, and you don’t have to make that decision at all, if you’re not ready to make it. Don’t let anyone push you to make a choice that isn’t right for you, especially when you have no much to deal with already.


Pick the Right Location

Would you like a hairdresser to shave your head in the comfort of your favourite hairdressers, or would you prefer to do it yourself in the privacy of your own home? No matter which location you choose, you should aim to have at least one good friend or family member with you to provide emotional support: it’s likely that the finality of seeing yourself without hair will be upsetting, and you may need someone to lean on or a shoulder to cry on.

Having someone with you for help and support is particularly important if you decide to shave your own hair at home, for practical reasons as well as for emotional ones: it’s likely that you’ll realise just how difficult it is to completely shave your own head, and you may need someone to help you, particularly with the bits you can’t see at the back and sides.


The Comfort of Wigs

It is entirely your choice whether you proudly show off your new shaved head or whether you decide to embrace the comfort of wigs. If the change of your appearance, and living without the security blanket of your hair, is affecting your sense of identity and your self-esteem then you may find that replacing your hair with a wig is beneficial.

This is a wonderful opportunity not only to replace your hair but to experiment with colours, lengths, textures and styles that you might overwise never have tried before: the world is your oyster, and the only limit to the type of hair you can choose it your imagination. You might find this so freeing that you never go back to styling and showcasing your natural hair again! Many customers at Josephs Wigs say that their decision to start wearing a wig gave them their confidence back and that it was a ray of fun and sunshine in an otherwise dark time of their lives. No matter what you decide, the choice should always be yours.