Many online casinos around the world offer both their new and existing players different kinds of bonuses that they can claim. These bonuses have a mission they accomplish which is to give you a chance to enjoy more game time and win more money. Besides that, it is a way that a casino appreciates you for choosing them and wagering on the different games they offer.

A cashback bonus is a kind of casino bonus that attracts many gaming players. As the name implies, it’s offered as a form of a cash bonus which players receive back from the money they’ve wagered. It’s usually available to players that wager huge sums of money. Some casinos offer it as cashback no wager bonus, while other casinos set a wagering requirement. In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • What is a cashback casino bonus?
  • How to claim a cashback bonus, a signup bonus
  • Terms and conditions of cashback bonuses
  • Popular myths about cashback bonuses
  • How to choose the best cashback bonus

A cashback bonus often has unlimited reloads and they usually come with no wagering requirement. To be eligible for this type of bonus usually means that you are a player who likes to take risks. The bonus is used by casinos to compensate players for their losses and give them a chance to recover some their bankroll. However, only loyal players with plenty of activities are usually qualified for this bonus.

What is a Cashback Casino Bonus?

Although we have talked a little about cashback bonuses, let’s go into the details of how they work. A cashback reward program is simply a promotion plan by online casinos to reward their customers. In land-based casinos, this always comes in the form of complimentary gifts such as free drinks or meals instead of cash money. In online casinos, a cashback bonus can be offered weekly or monthly.

As we mentioned earlier, the bonus is a percentage of losses suffered by a player in an online casino. Thus, the value of the bonus differs from one player to the other. For example, a player who lost €3000 will get more from a cashback bonus compared to another player who lost €1000. In most cases, a casino cashback bonus ranges from 5% – 20% of the money lost.

  • Cashback bonuses are bonuses that give you back a percentage of what you lost in a casino.
  • The value of cashback bonuses differs from one casino to the other.

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

The process of claiming a cashback bonus differs from one online casino to the other. In some casinos, the bonus is credited to your bonus account automatically and you can use it on different games of your choice. At other casinos, you may need to activate the bonus yourself by accessing the promotions page of the casino site or checking your casino account section.

If you are unsure about how to claim a casino’s cashback bonus, you can simply reach out to the customer care of the casino to ask about the processes involved. A few casinos require players to provide promo codes before they can claim this bonus. If that is the case, you will find the promo codes on the casino’s promotions page and you can also ask the casino’s customer support team.

Cashback No Wager Bonus

Cashback No Wager Bonus is a type of cashback bonus that you can claim and use without having to meet any wagering requirement. This means that once you claim the bonus, you can wager it on games and keep the winnings made from it without wagering the bonus further. Most casinos do not allow players to withdraw the cashback bonus itself, but you will get to withdraw the winnings from it.

Cashback Wager Bonus

This type of cashback bonus requires players to meet a wagering requirement which is set by the casino. It is only after wagering the bonus based on the wagering requirement that they can be allowed to withdraw winnings from it. Wagering requirements vary from one casino to the other. Some casinos place a low wagering requirement of 10x while others require the bonus to be wagered 40x.

Understanding the Terms of the Bonus

As with every other online casino bonus, there are certain terms you need to be aware of when claiming a cashback bonus. We suggest that you read through the bonus terms and conditions so you know what is involved in winning from the bonus. Some casinos place a game limit on cashback bonuses, allowing you to use it only on games that they specify.

In addition to the game limit, casinos can also place a time limit on the bonus. This means that the bonus will be available for you to use within a specific time frame after claiming it. If you fail to use the bonus or meet the wagering requirement set by the casino, it may expire and you could end up losing winnings from the bonus.

  • Some casinos place a wagering requirement on their cashback bonus.
  • There is usually a game limit and time limit for cashback bonuses.

Recurring Cashback Bonuses

While it is true that many online casino bonuses are available to players for only a limited duration of time, cashback bonuses are usually recurring. Some casinos offer the bonus to players on a daily basis. This way, you can get to claim back some of the money lost the previous day. At other casinos, the cashback bonus can recur weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

Although the strategies used by online casinos when it comes to cashback bonuses may differ, the way the bonus works remains the same. A cashback bonus is usually not available to new players and it is very different from a welcome bonus. However, once a player becomes a loyal player, he/she can then stand a chance to claim and use the bonus as a means to recoup some of his/her loses.

Top Up Bonus vs Cashback Casino Bonus

One of the common mistakes made by some players is mistaking Top Up bonuses for cashback bonuses. The two are utterly different from each other. In fact, Top Up bonuses are the exact opposite of cashback bonuses. While cashback bonuses are given as a percentage of loss suffered while playing at an online casino, Top Up bonuses are given as a percentage of winnings made.

Top Up bonuses are very rare to find and only a few online casinos offer them. Additionally, the percentage of this type of bonus is very low, normally between 5% – 10% depending on the casino. You can check if your casino is offering a Top Up bonus by simply checking the promotions page or asking your casino customer support via live chat or email.

  • A cashback bonus is different from other types of casino bonuses.
  • You may need to provide a promo code before you can claim a cashback bonus.

Popular Myths About Casino Cashback Bonus

There are several myths about casino cashback bonuses which many players believe. In this section, we will debunk some of those myths. One popular belief is that cashback bonuses cannot be withdrawn, and as a result, they are a waste of time. This is completely false. Many online casinos that offer cashback bonuses allow players to withdraw them as long as the conditions of the bonus are met.

Another myth believed by many players is that casinos are partial with their cashback bonuses. While this is up for debate, it is the responsibility of casinos to be fair to all players concerning their bonuses. However, you need to be aware that some bonuses might not be available to players from some countries due to the gambling laws that apply in those countries.

Real Cash Vs Bonus Cash

There are some online casinos that offer their cashback bonuses in the form of real cash, which players can withdraw without having to wager it on a game. However, the amount of money given in real cash cashback bonus is always smaller than that you can get if it is bonus cash. Nevertheless, you need to consider the bonus wagering requirement if you are going for the latter.

Casino Cashback Bonus Strategies

As we mentioned in one of the preceding paragraphs, there are several kinds of strategies that online casinos use for their cashback bonuses. Some casinos require players to join their VIP loyalty reward program before they are allowed to start claiming cashback bonuses. There are even a few casinos that go as far as giving free spins in addition to the cashback bonuses that players claim.

How to Choose the Best Cashback Bonus

Before you go ahead and join a casino because of its cashback bonus, there are a few things you need to have in mind. First, only create an account with an online casino that is licensed by a top gambling authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority, Spelinspektionen, or the UK Gambling Commission. We suggest you read reviews about an online casino before choosing it.

When going for a casino cashback bonus, always consider the frequency, game limit, win limit, and wagering requirements of the bonus. You can join an online casino forum to know about best cashback offers that other players are enjoying. We advise you to take a look at the bonus and promotions section of a casino website to know what their cashback bonus entails before joining them.

Our Summary of Cashback Casino Bonuses

Throughout this article, we’ve covered all the essential details you need to know about casino cashback bonuses. Remember that the bonus is only meant for loyal players who have wagered and lost money at a casino. Also do not forget that some casinos may require you to meet a specified wagering requirement for the bonus, while others may not set a wagering requirement at all.

Since cashback bonuses are completely free, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t claim them. However, you may want to check the frequency of the cashback as well as the limits placed on it. Overall, cashback bonuses can be considered as a way of getting something extra and a chance to win back some of the money you lost while playing at a casino.