Demystifying Cryptocurrency Portfolio – Tracking & Management

Think crypto portfolio like your digital treasure chest. Just like you put your valuables in a physical chest, you put your cryptocurrencies in your digital chest. And boy are they valuable indeed!

Which is why you have a separate digital wallet and a separate platform to buy and sell crypto. (Contrary to general perception, they aren’t the same thing.)

Stick around as we explain the difference between the two, how it translates to a cryptocurrency portfolio, and how you can manage them to success.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Portfolio?

A cryptocurrency portfolio is a method for you to manage your inventory of digital currency. Think of it as a business’s profit and loss statement.

If your investments are causing gains or losses, you will want to know in both cases. So, you can either invest more (in the former scenario) or take evasive maneuvers (in the latter case).

Either way, that’s only possible if you’re constantly monitoring your crypto portfolio.

However, there can be as many as 20 assets in your portfolio – according to recommendations by experts – for maximizing gains.

Understandably, tracking 20 assets is no easy task.

The challenge isn’t made any easier by the fact that there are over 9,000 cryptocurrencies to choose from!

So, ahead are 3 tips that can help you with easier cryptocurrency portfolio management.

3 Quick Tips For Successful Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

1.    Diversifying Like A Champion

Imagine you’re building a champion boxing team – would you go with all the heavyweighters? Don’t you think it’ll be better to mix and match with agile and faster boxers?

Just like that for crypto, you should mix and match with established players – like Bitcoin for stability – and volatile but exciting hitters like Chainlink.

2.    Long-Term Visionary

Back in 2010, you would have gotten a Bitcoin for just $0.05; today, it costs astonishingly above $67,000!!

That’s 134,000,000% – 134 million percent, above the original!

If you think that’s just a one-time event, think again.

Although long-term investment is bound to get you incredible returns, you can also capitalize on short-term gains too. That’s why you have your up-to-20-assets cryptocurrency portfolio, right?

3.    Befriend Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Tracking 20+ crypto assets can feel no less than juggling chainsaws. Luckily, portfolio trackers are here to provide you with a consolidated view of your holdings, their performance, and overall portfolio value in a single place.

Portfolio trackers connect your digital wallets and crypto exchanges, so you can easily track your crypto portfolio, and use visualizing metrics to your advantage.

Now, there are many popular cryptocurrency portfolio trackers like Coin Stats, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap, but Immediate Connect easily takes the cake for us!

Immediate Connect

Immediate Connect offers you a seamless entry into the massive digital universe with:

  • Access to 500+ cryptocurrencies to diversify your portfolio for maximum crypto gains.
  • Effortless 4-step signup process that 72% users found faster and easier according to surveys.
  • Leverage trading features like buy and sell triggers with 24/7 automated monitoring.

Summing It Up!

Having a cryptocurrency portfolio is the easiest and surest way of gaining long-term profits while ensuring you never miss out on short-term opportunities.

However, choosing the right crypto for your portfolio and then tracking, managing, and tinkering with them can be a significantly tiring task.

This is where Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers such as Immediate Connect come in to make your jobs incredibly easier. Passive even.

Meaning, you can go just about as you do every day and still be making smart investment decisions without spending every single minute looking at charts and trends.

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