Designing an Effective Preference Centre through Adobe Campaign

Preference centers help your customer find a reason to stay by being reminded of the value of your content. You can direct your customers to the preference center with your first welcome message after they’ve opted in, so you can start getting to know them. And each of your subsequent emails can link them there. The preference center allows them to unsubscribe easily, but it can do so much more.

Adobe Campaign is used as the core email marketing tool (outbound) as well as a customer Interactions management tool (Inbound) in the Adobe marketing platform stack. Creative team uses it for direct mail template design, email developers, field marketing, hub managers, partner, and channels marketing team to send out adorable marketing campaigns via different channels like email, SMS, direct mail, Push and display ADs on our websites. When done right, using predictive and next best message concept, these emails delight customers as they are very relevant to where they are in their discovery/buying journey.

Adobe Campaign should be operationalized, architected and run by a central operations team. Proper user training and onboarding support should be provided. New add-on custom developments are done to enable CAN-SPAM law compliance, explicit and double opt-in, context-based marketing, omnichannel marketing reach out, web services integration and Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) integration via core services for predictive analytics and next best content. AC delivers the right message to the right prospect or customer at the right time on the right channel.

So, you will need to run fewer campaigns, but they will be more effective ones with higher ROI and conversion rates.

Adobe Campaign helped us deliver the personalized message in a scalable way and across channels. That is huge as the customer experience is delightful and consistent, whether they are on the web, or in-store or on the phone. More Clicks and More Conversion

Tracking of what users do on the content delivered to them and the dynamic inclusion of users into different journeys is a must-have feature; else you are driving a car without a rear view or side view mirror.

No other tool out there helps you map the whole end to end customer journey, with reporting, content, customization and unified approach for inbound as well as outbound interactions. That omnichannel marketing model itself is one big reason to go with Adobe Campaign.

Adobe Campaign (AC) fits very well in the ecosystem of Adobe Marketing Cloud for large enterprises. It can integrate and communicate with other components of AMC to design a next-generation predictive marketing digital campaign. For SMBs, it can do all (manage recipients, host websites, track leads and clicks and capture them via REST, and give reporting). You have to look at your desired outcome and budget to figure out if AC will be used standalone or in the ecosystem of AMC.

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