Jewellery shopping is one of the important parts of any special occasion like engagement or wedding. Talking about jewellery, gold has always been the first priority. It is considered to be a great way of investment for the future. As the time is changing, people are opting for more expensive options like diamond jewellery. The reason is that diamonds are a reliable method of investment, unlike gold for which the market keeps fluctuating to a great extent every now and then.

According to a survey made in 2015, Indians prefer diamonds over gold and ranks amongst one of the top buyers of diamonds in the world. As the Indian economy is improving, the demand for this exquisite stone is growing exponentially. Diamond is more preferred in the form of jewellery by many women and men. This, in turn, is a great investment as the prices of diamonds are way higher when compared with the yellow metal and the prices never drop.

Women have a variety of options when it comes to owning a diamond. They can own diamonds in the form of bangles, necklace, rings and many other forms of jewellery. Diamond bangles are the most popular among them.

The few advantages of owning a diamond bangle are:


  1. They Symbolise Love

Diamond bangles are usually given as a gift symbolising a token of love. They symbolize love, which is an investment in the happy moments and memories. On the other hand, it has monetary investment value. Diamond bangles can be used as a safe form of investment.

  1. Diamonds Bangles Are Durable

Diamonds are known to be the hardest substance on earth. A diamond bangle can resist wear and tear and is a great form of investment as the longer the diamond bangles are in good condition, the higher the price will be in the near future.

  1. Protected from Inflation

When compared to silver, gold and real estate investments, diamonds bangles perform better as diamonds are more durable when compared to the rest. Diamond bangles are an advantageous form of investment as they can also be worn as an accessory by women.

  1. Good Resale Value

One of the most important benefits of investing in diamond bangles is the good resale value. Diamond, being such an exotic stone, is embedded into an accessory or jewellery such as a bangle and it can be sold at 90%- 95% of the value that it has been purchased for. No other investment provides such a good resale value when compared to diamond in the form of bangles.

Investing in a diamond bangle is indeed a great way to multiply your money. It is also considered to be the best gift option. After all, diamonds are the way to a woman’s heart. While buying your diamond bangle, remember one thing – all that shines is not diamond.  Make sure to check the quality of the diamond that the jeweller is embedding in your bangles. There are many factors like carat, clarity, cut, purity and colour that need to be considered while buying diamonds. You can get good return value only when you invest in the right diamonds.