Digital transformation has become a buzzword today. And to stay abreast of the latest advancements in the digital marketing space, it is superlatively important to understand the trends and new technologies that impact this area.

This fast-paced generation we are living in has a lot to teach us about online marketing and how the interest of the customers is always evolving. And the best way to keep up with the ever-evolving customer demands is by resorting to cutting-edge technology, namely Artificial Intelligence.

The influence of AI in digital marketing is undeniably strong. Adopting AI, SEO agency experts have recorded an increase in sales by 52% and marked improvements in customer retention by up to 51%. (Source)

Now, there are various aspects of AI that digital marketers associated with web design agency need to understand. Let us take a look at the diversified facets of AI that experts are leveraging to do better business.

  • AI facilitating voice searches – When we talk of digital assistants and voice searches, the genius of AI cannot be ignored. The machine learning technology is used by Google and in this; the engine tries to detect patterns and other methods to provide to the point search results. New information enriches it to become smarter and more intelligent which is why the advertisements are also shown based on our interests because we talked about it to the gadget. We did not need to search it by typing, yet conversational AI is smart enough to pick up the cues and perform accordingly. The searches have become more intent-driven so long-tail keywords in the form of a query starting with who, what, how, why, and where are more significant in this case.
  • AI facilitating data analysis – This is amazing because it analyses everything in and out to suggest something that is best suited for you. AI will analyze your data such as rate of conversion, click-through rate, how many clicks your email marketing campaign received and so on, then it will suggest you, quite conveniently, which is the suitable time for you to send over your newsletter to your clients. With this, you can get more specific to give your conversion rate a boost to generate more sales and leads, ultimately.
  • AI facilitating content creation – Content is a huge market currently. Most of the marketers are targeting the content sector. With AI the marketers can take care of all the content related needs and deliver them on time. AI can also generate content…wow! AI is so much trained and intelligent that it can create amazing, personalized and engaging content that is grammatically absolutely correct and can be optimized as per requirement, in no time. We read content created by AI but we do not understand why? It is all because the content seems like it has been written by a human being. Many companies use content generated by AI. This way they save time and minimize their workload. AI has made things way easier and more convenient. AI chatbots are used nowadays to handle customer relationships. They are also capable of providing real-time solutions.
  • AI facilitating modern advertising – With the help of AI, that facilitates both customer relationships and data analysis today, most digital advertisements work. AI understands customer interactions. Then this data is used to optimize the ad campaigns effectively. If you are an advertiser you will be able to control different campaign features. You can also create your ad campaign with the help of the genius of Artificial Intelligence. Some social media platforms use AI’s assistance to create imposing and engaging ad campaigns. Check out the following link if you want to read more.


It goes without saying that AI is indeed a boon for digital marketers because it not only fetches more accurate insights about the target audience but also helps to understand the demands of existing customers. And quite naturally, when businesses receive specific details about market dynamics, their ad campaigns become more intent-centric and that is how the acceptance among the customers increases easily.

If we see the customers’ point of view then yes, AI has certainly improved their experience as well. Since the customers are satisfied, businesses will receive the much-needed propulsion and drive it towards success. For more information about the relation between AI and marketing, you can check  먹방.