There are many different types of chocolate truffles available today. They all have one thing in common, they are delicious. There was not always this many different options available to people. Now, people can be creative and make them in the comfort of their own home and even experiment with flavors. Chocolate truffles are a delicious treat that traditionally has a delicious dark chocolate coating. You will soon read how you can make each chocolate truffle different and that typically is changed around the outside of it. So, if you like chocolate truffles, you will want to keep reading to find out all the different types!


Chocolate truffles started in 1895 and were quickly made famous because of their amazing taste. They are popular for having a thick coating of chocolate around the outside and having a soft creamy inside. The invention of chocolate truffles came from M. Dufour. They became popular in France quickly because of their size and shape. They are an easy dessert to enjoy without getting full. They used to be called a mushroom because of their shape, this confused people because they thought that mushrooms were used to make them.


Depending which country you are in will determine what kind of chocolate truffle you will each. Although they are all similar, they do have differences. Of course, some countries will say they search French style chocolate truffles even when they are not in France just so consumers know they are not eating their countries version.


Firstly, the American truffle was created by Joseph Schmidt in the ’80s. As he was studying European cooking he created the American truffle. The American truffle is typically dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate which are then blended together for the outside of the truffle. The outside can also have coconut oil as well as butterfat in it.


Canadians have a small difference from the Americans. They call it a Harvey truffle and love using graham cracker crumbs as well as peanut butter.


European truffles are the most traditional type of truffle since that’s where they originated from. The primary ingredients in European truffle are syrup, milk, cocoa powder, and butter. One of the reasons why it’s important to not eat too many truffles is because it does require a lot of butter. No wonder they are so good! Although the European chocolate has a hard outer shell, the middle instantly melts when you put it in your mouth.


The final type of truffle that is popular is the Swiss truffle. These are similar but don’t last as long once you make them. The main ingredients in the Swiss truffle are dairy cream, butter, chocolate, and cocoa powder. As you can see, most of them are very similar, but they do have small differences. As we talked about earlier, the truffle used to be in more of a mushroom shape. The Swiff truffle has kept this tradition and has stayed true to that shape over the years.  


When you enter different shops, cafes, and restaurants today there are many different types of chocolate truffles you can try. There are different fillings as well as different toppings. More cream, more caramel, more nuts, more fruit, and even more chocolate. That’s one of the great reasons why chocolate truffles are fun to make at home, you can customize them exactly how you want. If you prefer white chocolate over regular chocolate, you can always create that yourself! The sky’s the limit when you are creative.


If you are unsure of where to start with the creativity, we have to make a quick list of completely different chocolate truffle ideas that you can try. Remember, the amount of the new ingredient can depend on how strong you want that flavor to be, but this will at least help you get started.


Here are some great options!

Our first option is to add raspberry to the truffle. If you have noticed, many fruits go with chocolate, but dark chocolate and raspberries go especially well together. If you want to make these an extra treat, you can even try adding coconut flakes on the outside. These are an impressive treat that is delicious. All you will do is add raspberry jam to the inside and after covering them with chocolate you will roll them in coconut flakes. It’s a very easy switch.


Our next recommendation is adding peanut butter to the truffle. Most people love peanut butter and it goes perfectly with chocolate. Add peanut butter in the middle and add roasted peanuts for an added peanut taste to the outside. Simply chop up peanuts and after you add the chocolate you can roll the truffle in the nuts which will easily stick. The amount of peanut butter you add will depend on how strong you want them. Some people love a heavy amount of peanut butter while others just want a faint taste of it.


Are you trying to stay a little healthier? There are lots of ways to make truffles have fewer calories. In fact, typically if you only have one this will be a great and satisfying treat without throwing away your diet. However, we know it can be hard to just eat one. That is why this next option is great. You can make your truffle raw and vegan! You can add unsweetened cocoa powder, another great taste is cinnamon because it is healthy and adds a great flavor, you can also add dairy-free dark chocolate. This will make any vegan happy or anyone looking to stay on their nutrition track a little more.  


As you can see, there are so many different types of chocolate truffles out there. There are lots of ways to put a healthy spin on them too. Part of the reason why a truffle will be different because of the country it originated in. Like many foods, each country likes to hold onto their traditions and some have kept their chocolate truffle traditions. For more information on chocolate truffles and the different kinds, you can make, contact us today!