Digital Solutions for Sourcing a Real Estate Agent

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The Internet has spawned many new industries during its short existence, as entrepreneurs see a demand and create a digital platform that puts the buyer and seller together, and one such sector that is a great idea is the real estate agent-finding service. We all know how frustrating it can be when you’re looking for a good real estate agent, and you can waste months if you make the wrong choice of agent, yet if you are in Australia, you can enjoy the agent-finding service that allows you to instantly compare agents, while also having access to performance data.

How Does an Agent-Finding Service Work?

The agent-finder has a working association with all the real estate agents in a specific region, and they give the agent-finder up to date information about their business, and this can be accessed by you, the homeowner, thus enabling you to make an informed decision regarding the choice of an agent to sell your property. Rather than taking pot luck, you can search online to find real estate agents, and this is how it works.

Search, Compare & Connect

Three simple processes and you have found the best performing agent that has a reasonable commission, to start the process, you click on ‘sell’, enter a few details and the property’s postal address, and you will receive a list of real estate agents that cover your area. Once you have the list of agents, you can view their profile, which includes the following information:

  • How many units the agent has sold this year.
  • The average price of a unit sold.
  • The average number of days until a unit is sold.
  • Current number of listings.

The other vital information is their rate of commission, with the national average in the same window, for easy comparison.


There will likely be a full page of real estate agents, and if you would like to see more, simply click on the ‘see more’ icon at the bottom of the page and another list will appear. If you would like to look at one agent in detail, simply click and you will discover how the agent performs and, most importantly, what they charge. This removes any doubt regarding the ability of the agent, as you are aware of their history and performance, and when you have made a decision, you can connect with the agent via the finder website, which is really convenient. You can compare:

  • The time it takes to sell by suburb.
  • The average sale price by suburb.
  • Average commissions by suburb.

You can even compare agent performance by cities, as the service covers the entire country, so if you are moving interstate, that’s not an issue.

Free to the Australian Homeowner

Yes, this service is free to the homeowner, as the agent pays the finding-service a small commission, so you can get all the background data of any real estate agent at the click of a mouse, and it won’t cost you anything. You will also see agents that win awards in the industry, which is a great pointer, plus you can read genuine customer reviews, which is another good indicator of what to expect should you decide to use their services. Here is a great article that helps you to deal with buyers when you meet, with useful tips to create the right ambience.

Unbiased Information

The agent-finding service is neutral and delivers accurate data on the performance of all registered agents, allowing you to make your choices, and if you wish to have multiple agents advertising your property, the agent-finding website makes communication easy. Open a single website and you can talk to multiple agents at the same time, and that takes the hard work out of overseeing the sale.

Looking for a Quick Sale

In the event you are looking for a quick sale, you can select the agents that perform well, and the more you contact, the better the chance of an offer being made. As you browse the agents, you can connect with as many as you like, and using the same platform, you can keep in touch with them all. Here is some Australian government information on land and property, which is worth the read.

Rental Properties

This service is also designed for landlords who wish to rent out their property, instead of selecting ‘sell’, you click on ‘rent’ and enter a few details about the property, plus the expected monthly rental, and you will receive a list of agents that service property rentals.

If you have previously dealt with multiple real estate agents while trying to sell your property, the agent-finder is really a blessing in disguise, and with accurate, real-time data on the performance of all agents in your area, you really are in a position to make an informed decision.