Employee management is increasingly done with online software that you pay a monthly recurring fee for. Gone are the days of pen and paper or even printouts as organisations seek to optimise the efficiency of their business processes through better tools and increased automation.

So, say that you are open to embracing new technology in the way you run your firm and manage your workers – what do you look for when choosing your next staff management solution?

What are the criteria for finding the best employee management software?

It is common to state that finding the best in anything is subjective and a matter of taste. However, we believe that is not the case when it comes to things critical to your business.

There are usually a handful of objective criteria that you can use to pinpoint what is the right choice in an overwhelming number of cases.


In case of finding the right employee management software to manage your staff, you should focus first of all on what we call the Big Three:

  1. Ease of use and the ease of getting started (onboarding everyone, training etc..)
  2. The comprehensiveness of the feature-set and the reliability of the software
  3. Cost-effectiveness of the pricing (does it adjust to the size of your business)


The best employee management software should combine all of these 3 elements and throughout all of our intensive testing of different providers only PARiM Workforce Software checked all of the 3 main boxes and that is why it truly is the best employee management software you can start using from day one to manage your workforce.

First of all, PARiM offers free onboarding during the trial period (which can be extended) and the first month of use. It has meticulously documented all of its advanced features with a free manual, support portal and even videos and offers 24/7 free online support free of charge.

Secondly, PARiM is the preferred choice for professional staff management – meaning it has uniquely focused on making widely available features usually custom made and fitted for enterprise users such as advanced shift automation with shift patterns, extensive payroll reports connected to your scheduled shifts and timesheets and hundreds of other in-depth features.

A screenshot of the real-time Time Clock dashboard for operations managers in PARiM


PARiM also has 99.9% uptime rate – meaning unlike other providers, their software stays online and available 24/7 unlike many other providers who have outages regularly.


Finally, PARiM is the only workforce management solution on the market that offers unlimited users (available in its Professional plan), departments, locations and so forth. Users include not only full-time employees but also contractors (you can send them Statements of Work) and even clients (for which you get a unique client access portal).

This means that for any organisation with more than 250+ combined users of employees, contractors, managers and support people PARiM is 300%-500% cheaper than any of the alternatives. And even for organisations from 30 to 250 people, PARiM offers incredibly affordable plans.

However, that is not all –  there are minor aspects that rise to the surface where PARiM shines as well. The most prominent of those factors is the rising field of mobile workforce management.


Entering the age of mobile employee management apps

We, as business people, increasingly use mobile devices to get our work done and any method of improving the efficiency of how our businesses run should take that into account. However, there is a real danger of being overwhelmed by information while working on the go both for us as managers and for our workers so any tool should combine innovative features with simplicity in order to be usable through stressful and intensive periods when we want to focus on our jobs and not our tools.


PARiM really shines – as it offers mobile scheduling, availability and time and attendance tracking tools that are both easy to use and without unnecessary clutter and friction. You get all the features you want while on the move and none of those that would obstruct your operations.


In conclusion: look and pay for the best and do not compromise

Employee management is one of the most critical parts of your entire business. While, like in every field, there are free alternatives – the wisest way forward is to find a middle way between free offerings and over-priced providers. That is why a solution like PARiM that focuses on long-term cost-effectiveness stands out and is one of the reasons for their quick growth to 100,000+ regular professional users.