The pandemic poses extreme challenges for the business community. This includes not least the protection of their own employees and visitors from COVID-19. The best way to prevent the spread of the virus is regular disinfection of office space. Appropriate cleanings can be arranged with a professional building cleaning company such as CertaClean Ulm and designed to meet the individual needs of one’s own company.

Why a professional building cleaning

A professional company in the field of building cleaning has competent employees. These are trained and experienced and know how to establish maximum safety. This is not only important for simple offices, but especially for companies from the healthcare and food industries.

Especially when it comes to the question of what needs to be cleaned, in which way and with which disinfectants, the expertise of the building cleaners is crucial. They can take the appropriate measures and best counteract the spread of the virus.

The disinfection

The measures taken for disinfection differ according to the premises and their use. In hospitals, there is a higher risk of infection than in simple offices. Accordingly, particularly stronger products must be used here to cover the entire area. The same also applies in the area of schools or daycare centers when they are reopened after Lockdown.

Exactly which measures are taken depends on an individual assessment on site. The risk of infection is assessed and the appropriate cleaning techniques and items are selected. These can then be used in a targeted manner by personnel trained in their use.

What is disinfected

During the pandemic, there are particular hotspots or hazards that require increased attention to disinfection. These include tables, chairs, light switches, door handles, handrails and doors. This is where touching by large numbers of people occurs. These people can then transfer the virus to their hands through contact with their mouths or eyes and pass it on to these spots. Other people can pick it up there with their hands and also become infected through contact of their hands with their mouth or eyes.

Those spots are considered particularly critical and must be disinfected daily. The key here is to actually remove all possible viruses on such a surface by wiping properly with the appropriate cleaning agents.

In addition to direct disinfection, there are a number of more extensive measures that improve safety. These include fitting, disinfecting, cleaning and refilling dispensers. Consumables are also refilled and containers for the disposal of hygiene products are cleaned.

Particularly high hygiene requirements exist when a surface is used for the production of food, for example. In such areas, not only is cleaning carried out, but a test is also carried out after each disinfection. This determines the contamination by viruses or germs on the respective surface.

The disinfectants

Bottlenecks in the supply of disinfectants can sometimes occur. However, these mainly affect only the retail trade. Building cleaning companies have contacts directly with the manufacturer and therefore have a secure supply. In addition, they have appropriate stocks. These allow them to operate even when the needs of hospitals and similar facilities are prioritized.