Which girl (or boy to be honest) does not want beautiful, full and mysterious Eyelashes? One way to get those are classic Eyelash extensions – but they are quite the hassle. They require constant care, a lot of upkeep – and can be a real pain. If you don’t want fake Eyelashes, you can try Eyelash serums.

But are they safe? Rubbing chemistry on your Eyelashes – by nature really close to your sensitive eyes – can be a bit daunting. In this blog I’ll do my level best to answer your concerns to safety and if they work. Long story short, some work and some don’t – read this Eyelash serum test to make an educated choice.


Are Eyelash Serums safe?

Before applying anything to your Eyelashes, you really should check in with your doctors for this one. The eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of the body and definitely one you really have to be careful with – losing your eye sight is hardly high up on your to-do List for 2020.

If you check in with your doctors, they might even give you a prescription for the good Eyelash serums. If you really want to try something without your doctor’s advice (to be honest, that advice even applies to prescribed Eyelash serums) you can give it a try. Just be sure to stop using the product, as soon as, your eyes become itchy and/or red and consult your physician. You only get one set of eyes in your life.


Do Eyelash Serums actually work?

Well, they might. There are not many Serums that are approved by health agencies, that encourage actual lash growth, most Eyelash Serums only claim to support you lashes during their growth period. They don’t actually increase the length of your Eyelashes, but by supporting them, they claim to improve the health of the lashes, making them look healthier and in turn fuller and at best extend the life cycle of the hair and the time it takes them to fall out naturally. The healthier your lashes are, the more resistant to breakages they are and look better – but most products don’t increase the length of your lashes.

But although they don’t increase the length of your Eyelashes, you can still try out Eyelashes, if you want to have prettier Eyelashes. Healthier lashes look fuller and better – so you might still be pleased with your results.


You’ll have to patient

Eyelash Serums come in at drastically different price points. Some will set you back only a few bucks (and might make your Eyelashes look like a set of false ones) for others you can spend easily 100$ or even quite a lot more. But even the most expensive Eyelash Serum will no deliver spectacular results over night. If you try one out, you will have to get into the habit of applying the Serums diligently on your Eyelashes each and every day to see some results after a few days or weeks – depending on the life cycle of your lashes.