Do You Need A Building Permit? How Long Is A Building Permit Valid For?

For those of you that do not know what is a Residential Permit or a building permit, it is a document which is issued by the local building inspection office. It authorizes the homeowner/ builder to perform certain home improvements such as windows and doors replacement, repairs, and building projects while requiring oversight by the local authorities.

Permits Work with Inspection

Most home projects require building permits. The authorized inspector would review the application for the permit, the work, and ensure that work is conducted safely. However, the requirements may vary depending on the province you reside in Canada. It is possible that there might be minimal requirements for obtaining the building permit.

Generally, permits are needed for just about all types of work wherein safety is at risk. It includes structural work, plumbing, and wiring. As for cosmetic work like removing existing fixtures, replacement of the flooring, and painting, there might not be a need for a permit. The government has clearly specified the difference between work which is considered as an improvement and work which is regarded as repair.

Replacement or repair projects might be permitted without a permit. However, as for those of you that want to add read estate value or improve their home, a permit would be needed. Contact the local home inspection office to determine if you meet the requirements. It is important that you do not bypass this step as it could prove difficulty in the long run, especially if you decide to sell a home. Projects that are finished without a permit end up getting flagged which makes it difficult and costly to get the project approved.

Time Requirements

Once you have received the permit, there are different time requirements as observed in different jurisdictions. As a rule of thumb, a build permit would expire if you fail to proceed with the work within 6 months of obtaining it or it would expire within a year of non-completion. It is possible to extend or renew an expired permit. It is advised that the permit be issued near to the date on which the work would commence.

Inspection and Permit Responsibility

Since it is difficult to obtain a permit on your own, it is best to hire a contractor or drafting service that manages all the phases of the home improvement project. The company will apply for the permit on your behalf and arrange the inspection. Discuss the responsibilities of the service to ensure that the permit application fees are timely submitted. If you plan on applying for the permits on your own, you will need to learn about the code requirements and the fees of the permits as well as the inspection costs.


Take advantage of this post by improving your understanding of building permits and their validity. It is advised that you hire a company that will help you with the entire procedure. Besides, it will help ensure that you do not make any mistakes.