Does It Make Sense to Handle Cyber Security Internally?

Some of the most in-demand jobs today are roles in cybersecurity. This is because the risks are increasing of a network intrusion, accessing company accounts, or other security-related issues.

Should cybersecurity be dealt with by one or more people at your company, or is it more appropriate to outsource it? This is what we’ll try to answer next.

The Threat of Viruses, Malware and Ransomware

Companies and their data are at risk from virus infection, malware, and ransomware attempts. Viruses can worm their way inside the network and wreak havoc across the file system. Each file that becomes infected may become unreadable and inaccessible.

With malware, this is software that gets placed on the company network or computer devices intended to collect information such as login details and confidential information. This collected information may be used for hacking attempts or be sold on the dark web.

Ransomware is another threat. It is software loaded onto the company’s network that locks it, making it inaccessible and requiring payment with the promise of unlocking it.

A suite of software tools is required to keep pace with these collective threats. Eradicating an infection is far more problematic and may require external specialists.

Network Management and Protection

Most companies use internal networks that employees rely upon to share files, communicate, and more. When there’s a problem on the network, it becomes immediately more difficult to accomplish small tasks.

Network management and protection are necessary to ensure it doesn’t come under threat. When the network is wrongly configured or poorly managed, it leaves security holes for potential digital intruders to exploit.

It’s sensible for companies to use network specialists like the service provider, A Couple of Gurus, to prevent network access through improper management. Improper setup or configuration of company networks is a leading cause of security breaches.

Running a Security Audit

For companies that aren’t yet convinced what parts of their cybersecurity should be outsourced, it’s useful to hire a company to perform a complete security audit. This complete review and reporting will find any risk factors present with the technology setup along with highlighting questionable practices that could cause security issues later on.

Only by performing such an audit can a company get an independent perspective on whether there’s a current or likely future problem waiting to happen.

Training Staff Vs. Outsourcing All Cyber Security

One possible compromise for companies that prefer to keep most of their cybersecurity team in-house is to accept the training of certain staff by a specialist company.

A company can train existing IT staff on the latest cybersecurity techniques helping them to find ongoing attacks and bring them to an end. They can also be taught how to tighten up security and locate the manner that an attacker got into the network to close that security hole for good.

Cybersecurity is not to be taken lightly. A single network intrusion can prove deadly by causing enough damage to the existing systems to make it difficult to recover. Given the number of security breaches that we read about in the news, it pays to protect the company from people wishing to do it harm.