Don’t Miss Out on these 10 Useful Tips to Get Your Hands on the Most Reliable Dedicated Server in Australia

Choosing the best host services providers for your dedicated servers is first and foremost priority for SMEs (small and mid-size enterprises)  and corporate clients when it comes to data handling. It is always difficult to find the best dedicated server which falls in line to your business application.

Worry not! We are here to explain to you about 10 things you should be looking for to get the most reliable server for data management. Not only this but if you’re living in Australia, you have got to try Intergrid services for dedicated servers for a better experience.


So let’s look into the tips.


1.   Hardware Quality

After you’re done with your essential requirements of power processing, hardware should be next on your list. It is always suggested to check for branded equipment. To some of you, small features like dual power supplies and SSDs may not sound as important, they do play a part in adding value for customers who expect fast performance. Where service based dedicated servers can offer fast service for a particular technical field, this can limit your options. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure that your essential requirements are fulfilled and find compatibility with a provider that works efficiently with their hardware. At Intergrid, they widely use Supermicro hardware due its reliability and amazing management features. Apart from that, HP and Dell hardwares are also used in several of their locations.


2.   Organized and Disorganized Servers

Next point to consider about dedicated servers is the demand of managed and unmanaged servers. It depends upon your business which one to go for. Managed servers generally include management tools, security alerts and a collective higher support from the provider. Clients who find this model suitable for their needs must take into account how much is included in their fee and availability of support with speedy response time.

For those opting for unmanaged servers, they need to keep a check on the standard of customization. This, in turn, will help you to understand how to arrange and manage different features like firewalls, anti- DDoS protection and remote backups.

Intergrid, however, have their own personal blended cloud-based mitigation technologies as well as on-net applications to safeguard users from possible DDoS attacks.


3.   Quality of technical support

No one said that looking after a website will be an easy task. You may confront occasions where problems need to be addressed by your web host. In times like these, it is always advisable to to have a dedicated server that caters to your technical needs 24/7. It is certainly not a good impression to have your website inactive from Friday night till Monday morning.

Another method is to design a team of senior staff who is always on the frontline to meet customer’s requirements and answer their queries. It is always preferable to keep a direct line of communication to the staff.

Here, at Intergrid, one can take advantage of both these methods simultaneously as they are well equipped with a team of experts to help you all day, every day.


4.   Availability

Availability is directly proportional to reliability. It is the same as providing quality support. However, you need to make sure that your client’s work remains uninterrupted even if the website needs maintenance.

The standard percentage for availability stands somewhere around 99.5% but there is still a good chance to have your website remain inactive for 3 hours every month. One must look for a high availability provider that can offer availability for 100%. Such a measure is important for the sake of the credibility of your website.


5.   Disk space allotment

This factor is directly linked to your personal circumstances. The amount of disk space you need will be judged by the scale of your business. If you are running a small business with no more than one host website, you don’t really need ginormous disk space. On the other hand, if you are into big business handling humongous amounts of data and managing heavy, powerful applications, you will need much more disk space for storage.

Most hosting packages come in terms of disk space limit or file number limit. It is wise to analyze your personal requirements carefully as unprofessional behavior at this stage can cost you money. For example, if your website will only need a few MBs, you should not buy a 20 GB space.


6.   Connection speed and bandwidth

Bandwidth allowance and connection speed of your dedicated servers is always going to affect the performance of your website. Connectivity sometimes can be hard to achieve. It may vary due to location of the data centre, diversity and quality of carrier list, etc. That’s why, Intergrid offers a wide network across 7 locations in Australia as well as New Zealand. This has resulted in achieving optimum data delivery performance and clients satisfaction. You might be interested in knowing that all centres of Intergrid companies are interlinked with high speed inter capital fibre links to provide productivity to their services.


7.   Technical Flexibility

It is always excited to have your dedicated server function the exact way you want it to. As you proceed to gain more expertise in this field, you will come across terms like FTP, PHP, MySQL,.htaccess etc. These services help users to maintain their website in their desired manner. Some host packages do not grant much freedom to its users. Therefore, always look for host packages allowing users to use all these services. After all, you deserve to have a say in what you own.


8.   Access to use SSL

This small piece of software is the most integral part of a software. Secure Socket Layer allows websites to encrypt data from a guest browser to your host server. If your website involves payments or customer’s personal details, you have to have an SSL certificate.


9.   Email Facility

While purchasing a hosting package, you must check out the email service which comes with it. It is important to set up email accounts that have the same domain as your website. This way you can reach a range of access methods such as IMAP and POP3. You also have to look for reliable service providers to protect your email from hackers and spammers.


10.  Safe and Secure

Web security is not only a necessity but a trend nowadays. Your dedicated servers must be safe and secured which come with strong firewalls, malware monitors and intrusion protective layers. Apart from that, a backup service should also be there in case your site gets offline so you can restore it quickly to avoid any last minute hazards.

These were some of the tricks in choosing the best dedicated server. As you go through the internet, you may find several websites but we will only recommend you the best one which is Integrid to save your time because every second counts!