In this post, we have shared some of the dos don’ts of Inca Trail.

We all know there is no better way to experience Inca culture than going on an Inca trek. It is the only way to walk through the sacred grounds of Inca and have a spiritual experience. By planning your trip to Inca Trail, you can see the sunrise on Machu Picchu, the most mesmerizing and breathtaking views.

Going on a trekking trip to Inca Trail is not an easy thing. To make it hassle-free and stress-free, follow these tips.

Do: Plan Everything in Advance

You have to keep in mind that Inca Trail is filled almost a year out. This means you will only get disappointed if you show up in Cusco to book a trip. You must plan your trip in advance and book everything ahead, at least 6 months.

One of the most important things to know is that you will need permits. The Peruvian government issue permits in January every year. Since it is high in demand, it gets sold out quickly. It is better to contact a good tour operator to get the permit and plan your trip. In this way, you will be making sure there are no hassles and you can enjoy your trip.

Want to plan your trip to Inca Trail? You can find all the Inca Trek information here.

Don’t: Think It Will Be Easy

This is a common mistake made by many people. Inca trek will be extremely hard for everyone. The day one is easy as you will be well-rested. Day two is challenging as you will be going up the hill for most of the day.

Moreover, day three will be the hardest and longest. This is because you will be going up and down the hill. By day four, you will be exhausted. You should be well-rested since you will be getting up early in the morning at 3 to see the sunrise from Inti Punku. Don’t worry, this is a once in a lifetime experience, it will totally be worth it. You will have a huge sense of accomplishment.

Do: Bring Appropriate Gear

Though you can rent the gear from Cusco, it is better to bring your own gear. One of the reasons is that it will be expensive and there is a chance everything will be reserved. The essential items you will need include:

  • Good hiking shoes
  • Raincoat (if you are visiting in rainy season)
  • Pants (no shorts since there will be mosquitoes)
  • T-shirts and some thermic sweaters
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sleeping liners
  • Small pillow
  • Water containers
  • First aid kits
  • Your medicines with prescriptions

Don’t: Leave Your Camera

You will definitely want to take pictures of the sites, views, and new friends. So, you will need a camera for it. Make sure you have packed your camera to capture beautiful moments.

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