How to download facebook videos

A Video is the most effective way of communication, it provides greater depth to whatever message you want to convey. The internet and the ability for almost anyone to own or have access to a mobile computing device have led to the explosion in video production and consumption. There are numerous platforms that provide video contents for consumption. One of such platform is Facebook. It provides short videos that range from education, ads, news, funny videos etc.

Now from time to time we see videos that we like and will like to download to watch later. Unfortunately it’s not that straight forward to download a video from Facebook, but there are many tools available such as Frogjet.

The following steps will show you how to download videos from Facebook for free. No registration and no service payments.

Downloading on your computer:

  • Open Facebook by typing
  • Log in using either your e-mail address or phone number and password.
  • Go to the video you want to download. You do this by either typing the name of the person who posted the video in the search bar at the top and then scroll down to find the video or you scroll down through your news feeds till you get to the video. Another way is to go to your Facebook notifications and fine the person who posted the video and click on it.
  • Once you find the video, using your mouse right click on it. A drop-down menu will appear.

If you are using a Mac do a secondary click.

If your mouse does not have a right-click button just click on the right side of the mouse


If you are using a track-pad use two fingers to tap the track-pad or click the lower/bottom right side of the track pad. Once the dropdown menu appears it will show play, mute, show video URL

  • Click show video URL. This will show a small pop-up box with the Facebook video’s link in it.
  • Copy the link. ( Select the link, right click and choose copy or ctrl + c/command + c )
  • Open the website on a new tab in your browser. This site allows you to download videos from Facebook.
  • Paste the link (right click & click paste in the drop-down menu, or ctrl + c/ command + c) in the bar that says “enter Facebook video URL …”
  • Click the button that says This will automatically download into your computers default downloads folder or it will redirect you to another page were you will be able to select the link you want to download.


Pro tip:

Another great solution for saving Facebook videos is the Facebook Downloader web app. FBDownloader has a clean, easy to use interface that works across all devices. And best of all it’s totally free to use. Check it out!
Another one that’s worth mentioning is RapidVideoDownloader, which also allows you to download facebook videos with a few simple steps. Voila video downloaded. You can check your downloads folder for the video.

For more information check out this facebook video download


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