Ever since the dawn of the 21st century, there has been a rise in the number of photographers. However, that does not mean that all the photographers offer the best service. With numerous options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose a photographer to take pictures of you or an event. But, there is a name in the photography industry that continues to shine. It is none other than Drew Ellis photography.  Drew Ellis has quickly made a name for himself as one of the best Cumming photographer.


Best Services in the Atlanta Metro Area

Drew Ellis is the up and coming Atlanta photographer that everyone needs to know of. He offers the best photography services in the Atlanta Metro area. His interests in the outdoors, music, tattoos, family time and sports are what inspire Drew to take pictures which capture those special moments in life perfectly. With a keen interest in photography in Atlanta, Drew has taken pictures in all types of settings. Dedicated to his craft, Drew truly brings his all to the table when he takes pictures for clients. One would never be disappointed by Drew Ellis as he knows how to dazzle even the toughest of clients with his photography skills. Choose the best photographer in Atlanta to take your pictures.

Amazing Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the specialties of Dew Ellis. One will immediately notice Drew Ellis photographs as they stand out. The beauty with which a portrait is captured by Drew speaks volumes of how talented he is. Ever since, his overseas trip to Europe. Drew has been fascinated by pictures that are captured by his camera. It has led to him honing his skills. Anyone looking for the best North Georgia photographer needs to contact Drew Ellis. The thing about Drew Ellis is that he loves taking pictures and capturing moments, which shows in his photographs.

Down to Earth and Downright Friendly

Drew Ellis is close to his Southern roots and it from where his down to earth and downright friendly attitude comes from. Anyone who has ever had Drew take their pictures would agree that it is a true pleasure having him around. Drew knows how to bring out the best in you. This translates into pictures that are perfect and worth showing off to others. Clients have reported that it is extremely comfortable to have Drew Ellis take their pictures.

Extensive Knowledge of Photography

With an extensive amount of knowledge of photography techniques and the way files are edited, Drew Ellis is able to transform a candid picture into a masterpiece. Whether it is removing of objects from images or correcting the color in pictures, Drew does it all. The speed and knowledge with which images are processed by Drew lead to some of finest prints possible being produced.

The Ideal Family Photographer

Drew Ellis has two boys of his own and it is due to them that he is able to draw his inspiration and capture those family moments which last decades. He knows just how to deal with crazy and wild kids and Drew has the patience that is needed to take the best picture that is possible. Drew Ellis goes above and beyond to make the experience of his clients an amazing one.

Guaranteed High Quality Work

Perhaps, the best thing about Drew Ellis is the fact that he constantly improves his methods by learning different ways of doing things. Whether it is the way pictures are edited or how to move behind the camera, it all leads to captivating pictures being taken. A high quality experience is guaranteed by Drew Ellis to all his clients. They can be rest assured to know that they are in good hands.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike other photographers out there, Drew Ellis does not charge any hidden fees as all of the prices that are listed include all of the costs of high quality web galleries, editing and just about everything. The only additional fees which clients have to pay are if they want to purchase physical prints instead of digital ones.

Master Communicator

One of the things which most people overlook is communication. The secret behind every amazing photograph is communication. Drew Ellis is a master communicator and he understands all nuances of photo shoots. He knows that clients may feel nervous having pictures taken of themselves or might not know how to pose which is why he knows how to take an initiative and to masterfully communicate with clients in order to achieve the best results. Agreements and thorough questionnaires are offered to all clients so that everything is covered. This allows Drew to know what clients are comfortable with and what they are not comfortable with. This leads to beautiful pictures.

Competitive Prices

Price plays a huge role in the world of today. With so many photographers out there, one can easily be mislead into going for one that offers low prices. However, Drew Ellis understands this and offers competitive prices to clients so that they can choose the right photographer to get the job done. He values your hard earned cash and only charges reasonable prices for the photography services.

Covers Different Types of Photo Shoots

Whether you are interested in covered bridged session photo shoots, children photo shoots, urban/ nature/ animal photo shoots or nursing graduation photo shoots, Drew Ellis offers exceptional services for all types of photo shoots. His portfolio is diverse and continues to evolve which shows Drew’s interest in understanding his clients and taking their pictures to the next level.

Contemporary Photo Shoots

Drew Ellis does not follow a set of rules as each client has different needs. This allows clients to have the best contemporary photo shoot experience in which they get to achieve their desired outcomes. In the world of Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, it is important to stand out which is why Drew Ellis is the photographer that one needs.