It is becoming increasingly common to see people getting professional headshots photographed and using it as their profile pictures on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, their websites, blogs, etc. Firstly, because it leaves a lasting and positive impression on the onlookers, and secondly, because it does not cost more than it produces.

Think about it, if you are a recruiter, you are more likely to select the candidate for the job who looks professional rather than the one who looks casual. That is why many people are choosing to pay for Corporate Headshots London and get a professionally shot headshot. However, it is not necessary that you go to a professional only.

Yes, going to a professional means investing more money, however, they will make sure that you end with the best possible photographs. They have better knowledge about the depth, colours, background, angles, etc. along with years of experience. But you can manage to get a professional-looking headshot shot by yourself if you a little bit knowledge about photography and editing. Here is how you can do it:

Polish Yourself

The idea is to look professional and positive. Wear solid-colour clothes and avoid patterns, as they can be distracting. You must dress for your role but do not be too stuffy.

If you are a woman, you should choose dark-coloured tops, which enhance your eyes and face. Additionally, opt for a neat hairstyle and natural-looking makeup. You should not wear big jewellery pieces as well, as they can shift the focus from your face.

Find A Location With The Right Light

Your location should have a solid background that is clutter-free. You can use a solid-coloured wall in your office or home for this purpose, which is not brightly painted.

If you are taking photos indoors, you should stand in front of the window and switch of all the lights in the room. The idea is to take the picture in natural light. But, make sure that you are not in the direct sunlight, so choose a south or north-facing room.

If you are outdoors, stay away from spotty light and direct sunlight, and find a spot with a simple background. You should disable flash in your phone or camera and only use 100% natural light for outdoor photos.

Use Self-Timer And A Stand

Yes, your selfie could be great looking but it would not look as professional. You should use self-timer and set up your camera or phone on a piece of furniture or a tripod/selfie-stick. Your camera must be steady and kept at eye-level.

You can choose to photograph yourself in different attires. Also, remember to click photos from several angles. Standing at an angle and tilting your head slightly is a universally flattering pose.

Edit The Photo

The last step is to edit your picture. Avoid using unnatural filters and only adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and shadow. The key is to make your picture look as natural as possible. You can also choose to blur the background to focus more on your face.

Once you get a perfect photograph, upload it everywhere to make a solid impression.