While understanding the world of high risk merchant payment processing can be both confusing and somewhat intimidating, a little information can go a long way to help eCommerce businesses secure a high risk merchant account and stay in good standing with a payments processing provider.

Whether your business sells nutraceutical supplements or collects consumer debt, monthly earnings is important in determining accessibility for high risk merchant account payment processing.

If you’re not sure you fall into the high risk eCommerce category, click here for a full list of industries, and say goodbye to the challenges of trying to work with a traditional bank or aggregate payment processor like PayPal or Stripe, only to be declined.


Different payment processing companies have different ways of determining the degrees of risk. Industries that need a high risk merchant account, those that are more prone to fraud or chargebacks, and also those that have profit margins that are lower than most are frequently the ones that qualify for a high risk merchant account.

Not all high risk merchant account payment processing providers are made the same – although there are several different merchant service providers in the industry, some are just simply better than others.

It is important when searching for high risk merchant account services that you choose a company whose experience and reputation align with your specific business needs and best fit the requirements for a high risk merchant account within your industry.

Your business and your business’s needs are unique, which means that your eCommerce merchant account should reflect just that – one that is hand-tailored to fit your dynamic payment processing needs.

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