Our company keeps in mind the needs of our customers with changing lifestyles. Up-to-date locks are needed for the latest car models, lavishly constructed homes, and for the maintenance of office security. Along with burning locksmith service needs of our customer’s, locksmith change locks in Pittsburgh, PA is providing changing lock service. Our locksmith change locks of every kind i.e deadbolt locks, electronic locks, keypad locks, mortise locks, etc. Over and above Edwards Bros Locksmith also provides the latest designed locks like:

  • Padlocks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Cam locks
  • Biometric lock, etc

And many other varieties of locks for customer service. We have mentioned details of our locksmith service on our website https://www.mypittsburghlocksmith.com. If you need any advance lock service for either your home, office or a car contact our 24/7 locksmith. Follow us for more updates.


Replacement Of Old Traditional Car Locks

Many of our customers call us for the replacement of their car locks with new updated ones. Traditional car locks are easy to unlock by thieves and burglars. Our lock changing service will not only make it easy to use for you but also provides more security. If you are also thinking to change your car lock with an advanced one then it is the best decision.

Are you conscious of your car security and want to change your car lock? Don’t need to worry! Our locksmith can change locks anytime day and night. Call our Edwards Bros Locksmith 24/7 in Pittsburgh, PA for your car lock replacement service. Our locksmith change locks within a few minutes keeping in view your locksmith’s needs and problems. If you want to remain updated with our latest services visit our website https://www.mypittsburghlocksmith.com or you can also follow us!

Locksmith Change Locks – 24/7 Residential Service

We are providing all sorts of locks with variable designs to fulfill the customer’s residential locksmith service need. You should call us if you are facing these situations.

  • Broken home door locks
  • Old designed locks that never suit your home lifestyle
  • Unsecure locks that increase the chances of thieves coming in
  • Rusty door locks, etc


Do you want to avail our residential locksmith service for your home door locks? Edwards Bros Locksmith will come to your home located within minutes to replacement of your door locks. Our locksmith change locks of the door and also keep into consideration your choice and reason for changing your door locks.


High-Security Commercial Locks!

Security and safety is the first concern of every company owner. We all are well aware that it is easy to form a copy of an original key. Companies’ roads are more vulnerable to thieves and it reduces the chances of your cash and documents being safe. If you are a company owner then first make sure that your business is under high security.

Our locksmith company is providing high-security locks for the maintenance of your safety. We have magnetic locks, keyless entry locks, electronic locks, drop-out locks, and many other security locks. Call us now! If you are worried about your security with locks that provide low security. Our commercial locksmith change locks of your company with advanced locks that are not easy to unlock by thieves. So, you can feel free of your company security during your work.


Locksmith Change Locks | 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services

We are providing 24 hours emergency locksmith services. No matter which location you are we will send our expert locksmith if you are in the need of any locksmith near me service. Our locksmith must take care of your locksmith needs by quickly providing the best services anytime. Our residential, commercial and automotive locksmiths are available in every city 24/7 if you want to replace your locks. So, feel free to call our locksmiths 24 hours.