Effective project management with Jira Cloud with the help of Atlassian consultants

Today, we can’t imagine effective project management without specialized software. Every company sooner or later faces the situation when the size of projects is growing, the volume of information is expanding, and the number of employees working on the same task around the world is increasing.

Having 10+ years of Jira and other Atlassian products implementation and building optimal business processes for hundreds of teams, an Atlassian Expert, Aleks Yenin, principal Polontech consultant, states that quite often, a set of underestimated actions can simply ruin the project. But project management can solve many simple issues and helps you always find the answers to the following questions:

  • Who’s working on the tasks?
  • Is it enough people to work on the current and future projects?
  • When the project is over?
  • Can we complete it faster?

Choose wisely

There are dozens of tools and solutions for project and task management on the market today, and this wide choice can become a problem for many companies.

So, before diving into the search for the right software, it is worth highlighting the goals that you want to achieve with this tool and, first and foremost, what is your budget.

Whether you need an online or offline platform depends on the location of your employees around the world,  as well as the need for constant monitoring of cases. It is also essential in what field you work in and where your project begins. For creative industries, collective ideas sketching and brainstorming can become a priority, whereas in the finance industry, for example, you’ll need a clear detailed plan of every project with the exact distribution of tasks and control of their implementation.


What is Jira Cloud?

Jira is a powerful online service that allows development teams to plan projects, assign task performers, plan sprints and collect tasks in the backlog, set priorities and deadlines.

This solution can simplify the working process and the interaction of teams with different specialists as much as possible. The system was created by developers for bug tracking and task management for better collaboration. Now Jira is a tool for task and project management in various areas, making it possible to monitor every detail of the project.


Who will benefit from Jira the most?

Jira is considered one of the most popular systems for the work of the team with a lot of interesting functions, and dozens of opportunities. It’s possible to use Jira for internal and external project management. More than 40 thousand campaigns of various levels use Jira every day.

No matter the field of your business, Jira Cloud can be configured for a set of tasks of any level of complexity. The teams can start with an existing template of workflow and boards or create an original one that best matches their particular task set.

Roadmaps for project administration

In Jira, you can create a roadmap directly related to the development of the project.

It enables team members to distribute work over long time periods, monitor all processes, and share information depending on the deadlines for the implementation of tasks. You can use the view mode, which displays the current roadmaps of a number of teams.

Task management

You can create tasks for the team, provide detailed information, set deadlines and reminders. Significant tasks are divided into several small ones.

There is an opportunity to monitor tasks for other team members also:  they can track each other’s progress and stay tuned about the final solution. To simplify the process, you can divide the entire volume into blocks for individual team members, view them on the board, determining what state each is in.


How to start using Jira and integrate Jira Cloud without headache

Our specialists will help to make internal business processes predictable, transparent and manageable. Our team is not only working on the configuration of Atlassian products, we provide our clients with the whole system for managing business processes, system monitoring, clear reporting, custom development of additional add-ons.

An Atlassian consulting company based in Europe – Polontech helps you start using Atlassian products in minutes.

  • Create a corporate site with instances for the selected Atlassian products.
  • Add additional products and apps by your choice.
  • Configure billing.
  • Invite users and distribute admin rights to manage the site and each product.
  • Connect your current user directory to enable the same sign-on for the existing software and new Atlassian products.


We help you choose and configure Atlassian stack products for solving any tasks from corporate portal to project management. It’s time to turn to the experts who will help to audit your business and offer the optimal solution that meets all business goals.