We all love a good home don’t we? Complete with modern furniture, fixtures, design and security systems. Everything should be automated and be operational with minimum amount of human effort and intellect required. In this category comes your outdoor things as well such as electric gates or garage doors. Who wouldn’t like an automated garage door or an electric gate to open at a single command or sensors without even doing the effort of pushing those heavy gates back and forth and up and down.

We at Electric Gate repair Venice specifically bring you quality repair service. We are also fully authorised by prominent brands to operate, maintain, service or install all electric gate components, wirings and systems. Whether you have want to add a component, replace or even upgrade an entire system, our dedicated team of technicians are here to fulfil your needs to your satisfaction.

Here is a rundown of things we provide to you:

Up-to-date gate gear and equipment:

We make it our duty to be on top of all upcoming technologies and designs of equipment to be used for diagnosis and repair of gates. We don’t rely on guesswork, half-heartedness or lazy approach, as we make certain to maintain and install quality through knowledge, experience, precision and accuracy of the skills and technical and critical knowledge required to perform a job.

Qualified technicians:

We make it our responsibility to train and employ qualified and skilled professionals who are up to date with latest knowledge, equipment, technology and most importantly skillsets required to perform the job. By employing their talents you will be not only be able to save your precious hard earned money but also save valuable time and effort required to fix these things so it will not seem like a burden or a nasty headache brimming in your mind, freeing you from these worries. We again assure you our technicians will provide you a transparent, quality, honest and reliable service for all your electric gate needs.

Urgent repair service:

Since all our potential and current customers are valuable to us hence we make it our policy for our services to be available 24/7 for an urgent request or a problem. Please don’t hesitate to call us whether its day or night with your electric gate requirements and needs. A technician will be dispatched immediately to see to your problem.


Electric gate installation:

We know how important it is for our customers to have a functioning gate at all times. So whether you require a remote installation, infrared beam or even a whole new gate opener, Electric Gate repair can be your go to company for your needs. We make it our job to have the best brands in the marker at competitive prices of course to professionally handle your electric gate needs with honesty, agility and transparency between us and you, moreover our installation comes with 5-year guarantee, so don’t glance over this opportunity you can avail.

Telephone intercom systems:

We excel in diagnosing and fixing existing telephone entry systems, intercom systems and gate communication devices. If your system stopped working, you often hear a static on the line or experience one-way communications, however, we can fix your problems without any fuss, even if you require a complete new installation on the same day we can do so that as well.

Gate openers:

Now these may seem unimportant but they are the most essential investment in your automatic or electric gate system. At Electric Gate repair we work methodically by matching the best motor brand available on the market to your specification of size and function. It is important for gate openers to be installed properly to maintain warranty and prevent any possible future breakdowns so that your home, property and family is protected and safe. You can even call today to obtain a risk free installation that comes with our 5 year guarantee.

Now that we have given you complete information on our services, here is some further information on electric gates which can not only update your knowledge but also can help you make better decisions of what you need.


There are several types of electric gates, the major ones are:

  1. Articulated: articulated gate openers are used for gates with wide length of posts which allow it open in small spaces. It is a fairly easy system even for a basic beginner such as DIY enthusiast as they are simple to install. However, aesthetically speaking they are not pleasant to look at as compared to other motor designs. They are also known as crank arm operators.
  2. Underground: underground jack operators mostly control the gate by directly moving the pivot point of each gate leaf. This makes the entire structure to be excellent for swift use and also allows turning up to 180 degrees of leaf swings as required.
  3. Sliding: many of us have seen the visually pleasing sliding gates. If you have a space issue problems behind the gates or the gate to be positioned is on a steep incline then sliding gate is a good option. Sliding gates are also used for cantillever gate systems.


Advantages of the electric gates:

Privacy: privacy is essential to every family or even individual. So choosing the best driveway gate for your property is one of the major methods for protect your home from outsiders. The automatic gate can be controlled with a remote under your control

Safety: as mentioned above you have the control over the opening and closing of the gates so you also are in control of who enters and exists your home. It creates boundaries for your children and pets to avoid any dire consequences due to external dangers that may be lurking.

Convenience: Automatic gates give you convenience of not having to physically open the gate in order to enter your home. It is suitable especially in a rainstorm or other bad weather conditions. You have many ways to unlock an electric gate. Some of the methods include remote control, card readers, key pads, while other advanced automatic gates come with sensors that read specific signals for entry.


Contact information:

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