Email Validator: Why It Is Important For Your Business

If you think email marketing is dead, think again. The fact is that email remains the most preferred mode of communication of many consumers.

Radicati estimated that there are over 3.8 million active email users worldwide in 2018. On average, over 281 billion emails were sent and received by consumers and businesses. Furthermore, as Facebook’s reputation continues to decline, more and more people are turning to email as their primary communication channel. They access their email addresses at least once a day, more frequent than any of their social media account. It has also become an integral part of many online activities. All of these make email a crucial platform for brands and marketers.

Considering the prominence of email in the Internet age, building a quality email list has become a routine part of any digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, not all email accounts you gather through sign-up portals are accurate and reliable.

Over the past years, bots and fake accounts have become a pernicious problem of marketers. Aside from these headaches, it’s also not uncommon for organic users to mistype their contact details. As a result, your contact list may be riddled with incorrect email addresses. Similarly, if you already have an existing database, identifying active, obsolete and dangerous email accounts can be painstaking. This is where an email validator comes in.


What is an email validation tool?

A specialist from Byteplant explains that email validation offers an added layer of security for your email marketing objectives. An email verification tool can be installed into your sign-up methodology to provide real-time validation of all new registrants. The system can also be used to check your existing database.

Email validator keeps your email list free of fake accounts, typos, and inactive addresses. Sending emails to these accounts can adversely impact your sender score and email deliverability, and detrimental to your entire email marketing campaign.

Top 4 reasons why you need an email validator

If you haven’t started using email validator for your business, it’s time to consider using one. There are a lot of reasons why you need one.


Personalization is one of the hallmarks of today’s digital marketing. Consumers want to feel special.

By using an email validation tool, you can gain additional information about each recipient such as name, age, and location. This can help make your email marketing campaign more personal. You can start your email with a warm greeting that includes the recipient’s name. This may seem very simple but it can have a major positive impact in your email.

When you receive a personalized message, you feel more comfortable opening and reading it. On the contrary, if you get a dull, canned email, you might feel cautious about its content. Some might even think the email is another mass email or a potential spam attack.

Identify dangerous emails

In general, emails can be classified as active or inactive, good or bad. However, some emails fall in the gray area. Majority of these emails are referred to as Complainers. These email addresses are active accounts that are notorious for marking emails as spam.

Complainers are considered dangerous because they can pull down your sender score. Every time your email is sent to the spam folder, it tells the email service provider that your emails are low value to their users. If not corrected immediately, you could end up in its list of spammer domains – emails coming from these domains are automatically re routed directly to the spam folders.

You don’t want to be in this situation. This makes email validator vital to identify and segment out these dangerous emails. Although emails in the gray area can still benefit your business, they should be handled with caution.

Draw new clients

One of the most common problems of marketers is that they are unable to reach their audience because they’re sending marketing campaigns to the wrong email address. If you have an accurate and valid email address, you’re able to reach your target audience better. The more recipients you have, the better the chances of getting new customers.

Validation tools that provide real-time verification can help ensure that you get the correct email. With this tool, users are corrected in case they mistype their email address. Some systems even request a two-step validation procedure to ensure that the email you get is correct.

Build successful campaign

As mentioned above, you can gather useful information about each recipient through an email validator tool. User details such as age, gender, location, and income level are instrumental in planning and structuring your email marketing campaigns.

Collected data can be used to segment your audience. By dividing up your users in your database, you can craft messages that are relevant to each group. With a more personalized campaign, you can guarantee more effective marketing.

These are just four reasons why you should invest in an email validator for your business. Ultimately, email verification can help ensure your business success!