Covid is changing everyone’s lives. Things have not been the same for the past years, including work, daily life, or even traveling. Getting your paper ready is a huge deal now as compared to our previous lives. The working of the Embassy depends on its rules, so please remember that every embassy or representative office has its system of regulations and operating hours. Most certifying applications require additional documents. 

Civil and cultural rites of passage can positively impact transactions processing speed. Every country has different verification requirements. So when registering for documentation legalizations, it will be according to the embassy rules. Likewise, every embassy legalization process varies according to the document’s requirements. 

But remember that almost all documentation requiring attestation/legalization from the Pakistani Embassy must be handed over in person just at the Embassy staff desk. For the legalization process, you also have to pay a fee for the acceptance through a debit card because cash payment is not acceptable.

External evidence for a document 

When you are applying for legalization, you require your documents. These documents include your birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificate if you have and your educational degrees. Washington DC agencies hand over the papers to you that require Pakistan embassy verification, so first authenticate both by The Ministry of Country’s Authenticity Center. 

You also need to verify all of your documents from the Pakistani government ministries. It also requires the Ambassador certification, which is further verified by the Islamabad ministry of foreign affairs. You can also get your paper verified from its sub-campus offices in provincial capitals. You also require to contact the local consulate for shipment information.

Educational Papers Certification

The verification of the education paper in Pakistan is under the higher education commission of Pakistan. It is in Islamabad and is in charge of attesting educational degrees and transcripts by Pakistan’s chartered universities. It requires several documents for work. 

It requires the complete Registration Form and Payment details Form, or Parcel Invoices in the case of verification by the courier company. A photocopy of a current Digital National Identification Card or Visa in the case of foreign nationals only must be readily noticeable. 

Each candidate also must provide a transcript or qualification that he or person wishes to certify. Whether verification of the transcript and result card is unnecessary, you have to give it the degree—a certification and approval by an appropriate professional association in the case of a specialist level. You also require a set of photocopies of your CNIC and passport. 

A candidate also requires photocopies of her educational document as it is necessary to verify photocopies of documents. If the candidate is a marital female and her surname and father’s name on the degree and transcript do not match their CNIC’s particulars. 

Then, along with the papers, they must provide a copy of their old CNIC with their father’s name and a copy of their marriage certificate. Depending on the circumstances, additional documents may be necessary.

Power of Authority Certification

The Pakistani Embassy now don’t longer receive mail-in applications for verification of legal representation. Instead, to verify a power of attorney, the candidate must be physically available at the Embassy of Pakistan’s Consular Office and need to bring her original passport and NICOP. 

The candidate has to sign all the papers and documents in the presence of the government representative. Therefore, keep in mind when visiting the Embassy staff consulate office, make sure you have always had the necessary documents alongside you. 

Pakistanis or dual residents with a current Pakistani visa or NADRA cards 

The candidate requires the Original attorney-in-fact. Authentic and photocopies of the deponent’s current Pakistani visa and NICOP, a copy CNIC, a nip of the person required for a power of attorney. A child’s power of attorney is verified if a court-issued guardianship document is attached with the documents. In addition, two current passport-sized photographs must provide to the Power of Attorney at the signing area. You might also have to pay for this process.

Current scenario for the US Nationals of Pakistan Origin

People with US passports that do not have a current Pakistanis visa or NADRA must verify their documents by the State Section’s legalization office in Washington, DC. Physical presence is necessary, and official paper and photocopies of US identification passport or driver’s license. For the attestation and legalization, all papers must be present there with their photocopies. In the case of money order fee is also applicable. 

Verification of a Driver’s License

In a driver’s license, the Embassy will verify a statement provided to you by the authorizing agency. In addition, it will verify the owner’s personal information. But first, you need to sign this statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad. Feel free to read the photocopy criteria for every application system and carry the appropriate multiple copies with the registration, as photocopies are necessary with any application form. The photocopier equipment is accessible in the Consular Section again for candidates’ comfort, but it might cost you extra. 

Quick Mail

If applying by mail, you must include a self-addressed, prepaid fast Postal envelope. To reduce misunderstanding, the candidate must put her tracking number accurately. A premium mail envelope costs about 25 dollars right now. The Embassy would not be made accountable for papers lost in the mail. The payments must be made in The US postal payment orders or cashier’s checks payable to the Pakistani Embassy. Money or cash transactions should not be sent. For payment orders or cashier’s checks, kindly provide your address and phone number. There are no returns on any costs.


We hope this article will be helpful for use in the Embassy legalization process. Contact the DuoNotary if you need the professional. If you don’t bring your original papers, you might face difficulty as all the documentation requires original documents.