Many entrepreneurs and small businesses prefer to use Macs for their offices operating system. The reasons are simple, they require no maintenance, they are not the target of hackers and Apple has done a great job of “childproofing” their computers from novice users who could otherwise completely disable a Window’s PC unintentionally.

The downside to having a Mac OS based platform for businesses has always been the inherent limitations. Software applications, options and customize ability. If an application isn’t available in The App Store then it typically wont run. A high price to pay for those that only wish to use Logic Pro.

A new generation of developer promises to level the playing field by introducing Mac First Applications. Mac First means that opposed to being ported from the PC, the app was in-fact built first for the Mac OS.

The first generation of Mac First applications is dedicated to employee accountability. While old renditions of the Mac keylogger were ported from the PC, they failed to account for the unique experience of Mac users.

Mac based business users have their own needs, and until now they have not been met. Mac users typically use iMessages and other Apple based messenger services; while ports from Windows PC completely neglect these OS based services. is proud to announce that their first generation of MacBook Keyloggers is designed from the ground up for Macs and Mac based businesses. This means that users can now take advantage of an accountability program that was designed specifically for them.

This promises to provide significant improvement to small businesses with special regards to employee productivity and network monitoring. Their latest release for Mac’s Catalina OS has the capacity to capture not only keystrokes and timestamps, but how they were used in each application as well.

Other features include the ability to capture iMessages and other popular chat applications. Perfect for documenting customer service chats and even audio recordings through the Mac’s microphone. Remote Keyloggers newest version can also be used as a network monitor and even has the capacity to track printed documents and data being imported or exported from USB thumb drives.

Their newest Mac Keylogging application will even notify the user that that the system is being monitored. This is usually enough to dissuade employees from engaging in non-productive activity.

The developers at RemoteKeyloggers have worked hard to produce this Mac First solution. And they are currently working on iCloud based solutions that will syndicate data between the Mac and iPhone; providing GPS location tracking for delivery based businesses.

Other upcoming projects will be iPhone based solutions for mobile contractors such as Uber Eats, Task Rabbit and Amazon Delivery. As these services expand globally, new and faster solutions are required. More efficient communication, documentation and disclosure should all be delivered seamlessly and in real-time. To learn more about newer keylogging solutions for the Mac visit and sign up for their newsletter.