Look for natural stuff

It is a preconceived notion in many that keeping fit and healthy would require consuming various types of medication to keep the different illnesses that we are generally susceptible to, at bay. Those who think so do not for a moment prudently consider that, there are many gifts offered by Nature to help us to stay healthy and fit without any medication. If we are to peruse such a list of natural herbs, plants, fruits, leaves and juices, we would find that these are abundantly available and at a fraction of the cost that we would pay for medication.

We could be healthy, and fit in body and mind if we would keep a careful track of what these natural stuff are and consume them in moderation and in a planned dosage and keep fit and healthy long into our lives. We need to stay away from medical drugs which are a billion dollar industry around the world and there are unscrupulous individuals who would go to great extents to ensure that they make exorbitant profits at the mercy of the innocent who would be prescribed these medication by another set of unscrupulous individuals in the medical fraternity.

Some of these natural ingredients, of which most of them we around us and others that have been within our radar for centuries are all tried and tested by our late ancestors and we could consume them without any reservations. Most of these natural and freely available herbs, leaves, fruits and juices have no side effects like most of the medications that are developed in laboratories using chemical compounds. The habit of using these chemical compound based medications could have long term ill effects and also bring about side effects which would need treatment later at some stage in our lives.

Hence it would be prudent of us to peruse the various natural herbs, leaves, plants, fruits and juices and consume them at our will because most of them would not be detrimental to our health as long as we know how to consume them. If these are not fit for human consumption or have had detrimental side effects they would have be discarded by our ancestors long ago. It is because they have had healthy results that they are still within our domain. Hence we need to carefully look for them and ensure we consume these in lieu of the long list of chemical medications we would be prescribed when we visit a doctor.

We could look at one of these incredible natural leaves which has been consumed in abundance by our ancestors and has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that it’s natural properties are good for our health and would help us keep fit. This is the incredible Matcha Tea. It is a specialty farming, harvesting, processing and preparation of the commonly known Tea plant which is identified by its botanic name as “Camellia sinensis”. The cultivation of the Tea plant would be the same without any major deviations.


Matcha Tea as a health beverage

Deviating from the universally practiced methods of farming, harvesting, processing and preparation, the Matcha tea is a supreme gift to us from our ancestors who lived in China hundreds of years ago. In fact they are known to be Zen Buddhists monks who practiced a very sophisticated but simple lifestyle coupled with meditation specialized food habits, to have developed the Matcha Tea.

Three weeks prior to harvesting the very fine and tender buds of the tea plant they covered it from direct Sunlight which increased the levels of chlorophyll within the leaves. This process also increased the content of amino acids especially I-thenine and L-thenine which are very beneficial to our bodies. These would ensure we keep most of the health benefits within the tea leave within to work inside our bodies when we consume Matcha Tea.

These and other natural ingredients are trapped in the tea leaves when the Matcha Tea process is instituted. This has been an ancient but tried and tested process and has been proved by constant and regular use to have benefited those who consumed it over centuries. Matcha Tea has been a very staple drink among the Zen Buddhists monks to help them to meditate for longer periods of time, keep an alert and focused mind and also keep a high level of concentration in their daily chores. It is these superlative health benefits, including others that has kept Matcha Tea in the universal public domain all these centuries through. If it was found to be flawed we would not be writing of Matcha Tea nor would we be wasting our time reading about it in most or every journal associated with the plant “Camellia sinensis”.

There is proven results to show that regular consumption of Matcha Tea would control cholesterol levels and assist in preventing cardiovascular diseases which id today a worldwide killer. Matcha Tea helps in increase blood flow through our system and ensures that any blocks are dissolved and the veins and the arteries are kept devoid of fatty deposits.

Matcha Tea is also associated with better functioning of our brain cells and also increases focus and concentration levels, which was one major aspect that Zen Buddhist monks found when they consumed it centuries ago. Matcha Tea is also proven to be good for our metabolic system and keeps it at optimum efficiency, which would in turn assist in better absorption of the natural nutrients found in the tea plant.

The natural health benefits of Matcha Tea were lost to the western world till recently but with its introduction there has been a frenzied attraction towards it. If you could peruse the proliferating Matcha green tea news, you could apprise yourself of the various benefits that could be accrued by your body and also keep your soul clear like how it helped the ancient Zen Buddhist monks of Japan centuries ago.