Essential Tools for Architecture Students

Studying architecture is an interesting experience. The field is rich with history and has a solid scope in terms of making a career. Although, an architecture degree is not an easy one to obtain. Years of hard work and diligence is the way to earn it.

During the years you will study architecture, certain tools and supplies will be required. Some of these generally equip the architecture students throughout their study while others are needed for specific tasks.

In today’s article, we list some of the essential tools an architecture student must carry:

A Good-quality Notebook

Architects have to do a lot of sketching and drawing. This is why a handy notebook is essential. However, the paper quality should be good. This could be relative as different people have their own standards for what paper suits their drawing. The Moleskine Classic Notebook is a good recommendation.

Architect’s Scale

This one needs no explanation. An architect will always need the scale. Buy a high-quality anodized black aluminum scale.

Drawing Storage Tube

As an architecture student, you will be making certain large-scale drawings throughout the course years. You should be able to store these drawing to prevent damage. For this reason, you need to carry a drawing storage tube.

Tracing Paper

Just like the scale, the importance of the tracing paper could not be understated for an architect. The students should have high transparency tracing paper. This will allow having multiple overlays while providing required legibility when sketching over the drawings.

Cutting Mat

For the cutting and model making tasks, the cutting mat is needed. Buy a self-healing one. A good recommendation is the Professional Self-healing Cutting Mat 18 x 24 Inches by Crafty World.

Technical Mechanical Pencil

For drafting, an architecture student needs the best-quality mechanical pencil. Buy the 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil 2mm. by Staedtler Mars. Additionally, it is recommended to buy a good set of drawing pens and pencils.

Metric Handbook

Architects have to do a lot of measurement. This often includes conversions. A student should have access to a Metric handbook. It is also recommended to buy a conversions calculator.

Adjustable Triangle

Angles are quite important for an architect. To draft at any angle and get the accurate measurements, a student should carry an adjustable triangle. The 12-inch Computing Trig-scale Adjustable Triangle LX712K by Alvin is quite recommendable.

Architect’s Laptop

In the digital age, your architecture studies can’t be managed without a laptop. You will need a laptop that has benefits specifically for architects. You can easily find the best laptops for architecture students online and find one that suits your needs best. You should also get a laptop sleeve or bag so it becomes easy to carry around.

Lastly, we definitely recommend getting a good set of earphones. When you get down to drawing and have to meet deadlines, you will need the focus. And nothing does it better than good music. There are plenty more of must-haves for architecture students so research more to have the complete checklist.


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