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Whether you’re going to the United States for fun, work or just transferring, you need to handle the ESTA travel pass. What you can do and how you can handle this permission will be discussed in this article.


What is ESTA?

As the title itself suggests, it is a permission to enter an aircraft or a ship heading to the United States. The ESTA travel authorization is handled online in a form created by the US government to have an overview of who is heading for the US. This is no longer a visa. You would have to arrange a meeting at the US embassy in Prague and interview an embassy worker.

The ESTA is granted under the Visa Waiver Program, which has 26 countries worldwide.


When to apply for ESTA?

As soon as possible! As soon as you learn to travel to the United States, get an ESTA VISA, and you’ll have this formality and you will be able to think about more enjoyable matters. However, if you have forgotten or learned the journey a bit late, it is recommended that you settle your permit no later than 72 hours before departure. It will take a few seconds for your application to be processed, but your application may be rejected and you will still need to arrange a meeting at the embassy to handle the visa.


How long is ESTA Visa valid?

ESTA authorization expires two years after the release. For one permit, you can travel to the United States several times, with one stay not longer than 90 days. Then you have to travel outside the USA. It is advisable to keep a reasonable distance between the different ways so that officials in the immigration department do not suspect that you have settled in the US.


ESTA travel permits cease when your passport expires, change your name or surname (such as marriage), citizenship, or gender. In such cases, you must apply for a new permit.


What is required for ESTA?

There is nothing special about filling the online ESTA form, and you have everything you need at your fingertips. Above all, you must be a citizen of one of the states that maintains a visa-free regime with the United States. You must also have a biometric passport and eventually a return ticket to prove that you are leaving the USA within 90 days. You will fill out all the necessary information on the form and a few minutes later your request will most likely be settled.

Well, now you know that you will not get to the plane without ESTA. So do not hesitate to get permission as soon as possible so you can plan your holiday or work.

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