Over and over we read arguments on forums, listen to people on both sides of the isle talk about the ethical issues of using essay writing services. Most people who argue for or against often paint a black or white picture but the answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. To understand this let’s examine some of the reasons why students or people, in general, seek outside help when it comes to essay writing.

Intellectual capacity: people have different intellectual capacities and this is probably the main reason why many students often seek essay writing services. You know the saying “do not judge a monkey by its ability to swim” yeah some people are just utterly bad at essay writing. They might be good at other subjects buy when it comes to writing a good essay oh, Boy! I for one hated certain subjects like History and some other mandatory educational courses. Needless to say, although I passed those courses I struggled and spent more time on them. Students facing a similar problem with essay writing will be better off outsourcing it and concentrate on their majors.

Writing college-level essays: To write a college-level essay is no small feat as many of you can testify. This is particularly true for foreign students because their native language may not be the language they study in. in fact, someone might be good in a particular field of study but due to language limitations, they are unable to write proper essays.

Time: for most students, time is of the essence but that is highly unlikely because students have a lot to do. Juggling between studies and other activities like sports, work etc. This makes it difficult for students to meet the required deadlines and so they might be tempted to seek outside help. Of course, some students are just lazy.

Pressure: as I said before writing a college-level essay is no small feat adding to that, the pressure mounted on high school graduates competing to get admissions into the top universities. This puts students under a lot of stress and students that think their chances of getting in are slim will definitely try to get help from an essay writing service.

Moreover, the idea that hiring professional essay writers is bad is false but I do recommend that if you need help with your essay writing, you should write your own essay and then give to a professional writer to use your ideas to polish your written essay or re-write it.

That said we should understand that the reason why some colleges/universities ask for essays is to know more about the person, by reading their essays, tutors/lecturers can decipher their strengths and weaknesses.

Bottom line, the practice of paying someone else to write for you is not new and is not illegal. Is it unethical? Well, even heads of states hire writers to write their speeches. Others hire ghostwriters to write books, papers and articles for them and of course it will be published in their name.