Everything about Fire Opals

You must have heard about the emerald, sapphire, and diamond.

But there are many other precious stones in this world.

Every stone is unique in structure, color, and has different properties.

Many people believe that stones have healing properties and are also linked to prosperity in terms of wealth.

Some stones are good for improving relationships and bring out energy.

In this article, I will tell you everything about Fire Opals. What are fire opals, its formation, where it is found, its value, and its benefits.

So, let’s start.

What is a Fire Opal?

Fire opal is a transparent or translucent stone that has warm body colors; yellow, orange, and fire red. The term ‘play-of-color’ represents this stone because when they are kept under a light source, they show a flashing display of spectral colors.

So apparently, the actual color is translucent but once the stone is placed under the light, it sparkles and refracts light in a certain way that shows different colors. The fire colors of red, orange and yellow found in Fire Opals is the background color that is unchangeable. It is because iron is found in opals. The red color fire opal is much more expensive than a yellow fire opal.

How Fire Opals are formed?

Opal is a hydrated amorphous type of silica; its water content is between 6 and 10% and therefore it is called as a mineraloid. This means this is not crystalline silica, which is a mineral. Its yellow and red hues are due to iron oxide embedded within the silica base.

Fire opals are weak stones with a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6 similar to of glass or knife. Because of higher water content, it is not a hard stone and can get damaged if put in high heat. They can easily be damaged by chipping or breaks during daily wear. To avoid exposure to rough wear, it is best to use fire opals in accessories such as earrings, pins, and pendants.

Where are Fire Opals found?

Most of the fire opals are mined in Queretaro, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Michoacan, Julisio, Chihuahua and San Luis Potosi states of Mexico for the last 150 years and therefore known as Mexican fire opals.

How is Fire Opals Cut?

Fire opals are cut as faceted stones or as cabochons. Faceted stones illuminates by incident light therefore most of the transparent fire opals are faceted cut. But if they have an outstanding play-of-color, then they might be cut into a cabochon. If the play-of-color is minor, a surprise of flash is given with a faceted cut stone. On the other hand, most of the translucent stones are cut into cabochons.

Why Fire Opal is Expensive?

Some factors that contribute to Fire Opal’s value are:

Color: The most valuable fire opal is red, then orange, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

Direction of Color: If a fire opal changes its appearance based on what angle it is viewed at then it is more valuable. If the opal is bright, it is called ‘facing’. The versatility of opal is dependent on the direction of color and that can determine if the price should be high or low.

Pattern: The unique and rare patterned opals are more expensive. One of the most loved and rarest patterns is the Harlequin pattern.

How to Care for Fire Opals

Fire opal is sensitive to heat so keep it away from high heat. Long light exposure can also dull its shine and dry out the stone. You can wash the stone in water and soap and then dry with a soft rag. But don’t use hot water or soap with harsh chemicals or oils.

Benefits of Fire Opals

·      For Health and Healing

The fire opal stone is believed to have the capability to cure lower backs and kidneys. It is also good for adrenal glands as well as sexual organs. It helps your body to fight infections, treat ulcers, colds, and flu. Fire opal can also solve issues related to fertility.

·      For Wealth

It is believed that Fire Opal can be utilized to attract abundance, money, and luck. If you keep it in your workplace you will be able to attract new business and customers. The stone will initiate innovative as well as new ideas that will keep you more productive. Fire Opals bring enthusiasm and energy. In terms of financial pursuits, the stone draws more abundance, success, and prosperity.

·      Relationship and love

Fire opal acts as guidance to let you reveal the inner certainty of your ambitions, aspirations, and desire. It promotes creativity and passion. Fills your heart with love and brings passion in your current relationship. You feel motivated to become more loving, positive, creative, and spontaneous.

Now you know everything about Fire opals that how it can bring happiness to whoever uses or wears it. It brings out hope, love, and delights and removes negativities by purifying your life. Fire opals are not only beautiful stones but are powerful as well that are loaded with creative energies. Whoever wears it can feel a visible change in their energy, mood and relationships.

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