What makes the sports stadiums more fascinating? Is it its grandeur architecture, the loud cries depicting spectators’ enthusiasm for the game or may be both? While answers may vary, many will agree on this point that the stadium lights further add to the glory of massive stadiums. Imagine a stadium without big powerful towers of bright lights. Would you be able to enjoy the game at night? The answer is obviously in negative.

This article provides you with the complete guide of stadium lights and sports lighting.


Introduction to Stadium Lights and Sports Lighting

Stadium lights and sports lighting are crucial to any game. From players to spectators, they are indispensable as both of them require a conducive environment for the game being played. Stadium lights are mounted at different heights depending on the venue. However, the height typically ranges from 40 feet to 60 feet. In addition to it, massive stadiums have lights being mounted at the height of over 100 feet.

Sports lighting are an important feature of any game. Many activities are being carried out during a game which require good and quality sports lighting. From allowing the players to view the field clearly to camera recordings of the game, quality sports lighting are the must.

Additionally, stadium lights have different categories which depend on the type of game and venue. Therefore, proper analysis of the field is required.


Changing Trends in Stadium Lights and Sports Lighting

LED stadium lights are becoming the leading choice of the stadium-management. Because of technological advancement and burgeoning trend of energy-conservation, more and more stadiums are using LED lights instead of halogen lamps.


Advantages of Using LED Stadium Lights

The major reason behind increasing usage of LED stadium lights is numerous advantages being offered.

1.    Energy-efficient

LED lights require less electrical energy so this makes them energy-efficient. Moreover, they can turn 70% to 80% of their energy into light. Therefore, LED lights are a better choice than other lighting equipment which waste energy by converting it into heat.

2.    Reliable

LED lights are not only reliable but also have high lifespan. Changing stadium lights is not an easy task. Having LED stadium lights can greatly reduce the pressure of constant maintenance.

3.    Brightness and Intensity

The brightness being offered by LED stadium lights start from 60,000 lumens and move towards upward trajectory. This greatly enhances the brightness and intensity of stadium lights.

4.    Directional Lighting

As mentioned before, proper lighting is very important for any game. LED stadium lights offer directional lighting rather than emitting light in different directions. This also helps with managing lights and enables the players to focus well on game by providing uniform lighting effect.

5.    Saves Money

Imagine yourself as a manager of a stadium. You have to take care of all the nuts-and-bolts of stadium management. Your biggest concern is maintaining the stadium with the available funds. You have to bring the expenses of the stadium within your budgetary limits.

LED stadium lights can help you do that. You cannot control the amount of light being displayed in a stadium. That means that you will have to pay a huge sum of money for your electricity bill. However, with LED stadium lights, your electricity bill will be reduced drastically. This is because LED lights do not waste electrical energy by converting it into heat. Energy-conservation means saving more money.


Usage of LED Stadium Lights

LED stadium lights are mainly used games being played in large sports stadiums.

–  Cricket and Baseball Fields

–  Football Stadiums

–  Golf Courses

–  Interior Basketball courts

–  Tennis Courts

–  Badminton Courts

–  Gymnasiums

–  Wrestling Stadiums


Choosing Best LED Stadium Lights

Consider the following points in order to choose best LED stadium lights.

1.    Weather-Proof Lights

Always choose weather-proof LED stadium light, particularly for outdoor games. This is because stadium lights are often exposed to rain, humidity and moisture etc.

2.    LED Driver Quality

Make sure to buy high quality LED driver as it will allow LED lights to function for a long period of time. You will have one less thing to worry about i.e. stadium lights maintenance.

3.    Color of Stadium Lights

The right color choice for LED stadium lights is 5000K white color. This provides appropriate brightness for outdoor games.

4.    High CRI

Look for LED stadium lights with high Color Rendering Index (CRI). LED light with high CRI (rating 75 or higher) provides an accurate color rendering of an object.

5.    Appropriate Beam Angles

Choosing proper beam angles for stadium lights is indispensable for the game. A wider beam angle is appropriate for small stadiums with lower height whereas, a small beam angle is better for large stadiums. In addition to it, using both beam angles can give excellent lighting effects to the game.

LEDLUCKY Stadium Lights and Sports Lighting

LEDLUCKY is a Chine-based industrial and commercial LED lighting manufacturer offering wide range of LED lights for different purposes.

LEDLUCKY also provide innovative LED sports lighting services which include a variety of stadium lights. The power range of these lights is between 75W to 2200W.

With low maintenance costs, energy-efficient and light-weight, LEDLUCKY stadium lights are definitely the right choice that meet your lighting demands.

1.    ArenaSharp E LED Stadium Light

ArenaSharp E is a professional stadium light with power range between 480W to 2200W and 5 years of warranty. It is specially designed for recreational and professional sports pitch.

2.    ArenaSharp LED Stadium Light

ArenaSharp LED stadium light is ideal for a race track. The power ranges of this stadium light is between 480W to 1100W.

3.    VariFlood HW LED Stadium Light

This stadium light can be used for small, medium and large football stadiums.

4.    VariFlood Gen II LED Stadium Light

It can be used for training grounds, parking lots and small to medium-sized stadiums.

5.    ArenaLit Gen II and ArenaPro LED Stadium Light

These stadium lights are suitable for large venues like football field, badminton, tennis courts and airports.

6.    Agility LED Stadium Light

Agility LED stadium lights are best suited for training grounds, tennis courts, football grounds, parking lots and badminton courts.

The power range of these lights vary so you can choose according to your lighting demands.