Bigcommerce development and design has become a big trend nowadays. A lot of well-known companies and brand such as Kodak and Toyota use big commerce. If you own a small business and willing to grow it into a well-known business, then big commerce is quite beneficial for you. Big commerce helps you generate clients every year. It can boost your client rate up to twenty-eight percent!

Big commerce isn’t just a hype or something which is useless. It is used by various websites and helps in their research. Research is based on clients. Websites test and score. Once it’s done, they compare and analyze features which best suit the clients. These features include design flexibility, customer support, pricing and some sales tools.

It does not only give benefit to people who don’t have much knowledge about web design and web design skills, but, it also gives knowledge and some extra tips to people who know a lot about technology. The knowledge includes having a little fun with HTML and CSS of their online store.

With all these hosted online stores and some website building services such as Shopify, if someday, big commerce was to shut down or changes its features all of a sudden, then you might find yourself in a state where you would have to move on to another platform. Even after you move on to another platform and start from the scratch, you would need a hosting solution like Big commerce to run your business. the good news is that it is considered as one of the finest products of its kind, which uses a client roaster that involves several well-known companies such as Toyota.

There are four types of monthly plans Big commerce has to offer. These plans include Big commerce standard which will cost you about thirty dollars per month. Second is big commerce plus which will cost you around eighty dollars. Third is big commerce pro which will cost you around three hundred dollars per month and has amazing features. Lastly, there is big commerce enterprise in which the price varies depending on your business requirements. For big commerce plus and pro, a ten percent discount is available annually with a fifteen-day free trial. Try it out in those fifteen days. If you like it, pay for it and get yourself started, if you don’t. you can return it.

In this article, you will get to know whether big commerce can be the perfect ecommerce builder for you? Not just that but you will get to know about its features, pros and cons. Let’s get you started without wasting any further time!



Big commerce offers you a lot of features. These features vary in all four plans big commerce offers. Some of the common features are giving you a freedom to choose one of twelve templates. You can sell unlimited amount of goods, whether it be physical of digital goods. You can design your own category and use shipping rates of your own choice. You also have the option of a drag and drop page builder. Various payment methods are used such as Pay pal and others to send or receive payments.

You can also have various and unlimited staff accounts. You are fully authorized to manage and control CMS. It also provides you with some good SEO features. You can also add images using Akamai Image Manager. You can also have contacts of differed email marketing services such as I-Contact. Quite often, you also receive gifts voucher and discount coupons which can be beneficent for you. You can also function product reviews. You are also authorized to make changes in the CMS or HTML. These changes can be anything that you desire. You can also do professional reporting.

Point being that big commerce offers you all of these features at an affordable price. Even if you compare it with its competitors, it is still very affordable as it is offering you its basic plan for thirty dollars. In this section, you will get to know about features that different plan offer you so that you can choose the one which matches your needs.

Big commerce standard:

Big commerce standard is one of the cheapest plans. It costs you around thirty dollars. Evne its competitors such as Shopify is offering its basic plan for thirty dollars. The only difference is that big commerce provides you a lot more features than its competitors.

These features include a fully functional online store. You can sell unlimited amount of products, no restriction. You get unlimited bandwidth, file storage and staff accounts. You get gift cards and discount vouchers as well. You can look at the ratings and reviews about your products. You also have the opportunity of point of sale, meaning, you can sell your products at a physical location provided by big commerce. You can also do professional reporting of your products. You also have control over automatic image optimization. You also get accelerated mobile page functionality.


Big commerce plus:

Big commerce plus plan has many features such as one abandoned car saver tool and a persistent cart. It also provides you with store credit cards which allows the customer to store their card details on your store so that the next time, they don’t have to go through all of the hassle. It also has the option for customer grouping and segmentation.

Big commerce pro:

Big commerce pro is a very effective plan. It does not give you all the features mentioned in big commerce plus but what it does give you is a control as well as an increased sale limit. This enables you to earn around $400,000 from online sales. Not just that but an addition fee of one-fifty dollars per month on every two-hundred-dollar sale. Isn’t it great? Another important feature in this plan is Google customer review. This is an amazing program which allows you to collect and display the reviews of your customer who have purchased stuff from your online store. This help you in keeping your rating high and bring in more customers!

Big commerce enterprise:

Lastly, there is big commerce enterprise plan. This plan is mostly used by major companies and brands. It is made for corporate users whose sale revenue is a lot, more than ten million dollars and also, who requires a lot of selling requirements. Big commerce enterprise plan offers you features which are not available in cheaper plans. These features include advanced product filtering. It lets the customer search on your store by using your own custom fields. It has a feature where you can set your own price lists. It enables an option where a group of customers see different product prices than others. It also has the feature of API calls. This helps you in sharing your data between you and various other applications. You can make unlimited data sharing connections, there’s no restriction on that. This makes it better for businesses who are expecting high amount of traffic on their online store. It also offers you big commerce consulting where you can consult about any query you have in your mind. It also gives you the account management. They also provide you priority support, including API support.



Big commerce has a lot of pros. Firstly, it’s really easy to use. You don’t have to worry about anything, everything is crystal clear. The overall features available on the cheapest big commerce plan are very comprehensive and affordable as compared to its competitive companies. With big commerce, you are using the same plan with extra features and at a really low price.

Even if you want to use a third-party payment gateway, there is no transaction fee for that so you don’t have to worry about paying something upfront. Other competitive companies don’t give you a good set of reporting tools on all of the plans, only big commerce gives you this opportunity. If that’s so, then why even think about any other company? Unlike its competitors, it comes with a built in product review functionality.

Big commerce also gives you the opportunity of selling your products in different currencies, in a straight forward manner and all around the world, hence increasing your business reach! Third party shipping calculations are always available on every plan. If you look at other companies, they first tell you to buy their premium plan and then get this function while at big commerce, the shipping calculation is always there, written on any of the four plans.

It offers you the drag and drop page function which helps you in laying pages out, while other companies do not give you this function. SEO features are great in big commerce. You can customize URLs, make your own URLs. Not just that, but AMP format is always available on all of its templates and automatic image optimization is always there, included in all plans.

The abandoned cart saver tool is quite comprehensive if you compare it with similar companies. With big commerce, you get unlimited staff accounts on any of the four plans. Custom fields are easy to make. It also allows your customer to upload files during the time of their purchase which makes things easier for them. Big commerce also comes with a built in blog. You can receive and send money with the help of Pay pal, thanks to the arrangement between big commerce and Braintree. Big commerce is quite effective for vendors who have a lot of products and want to sell them.

Their built in cookie system helps you in meeting the GDPR requirements. This feature can only be found in big commerce. The best part is that big commerce offers you to try them free for fifteen days. You can use it, analyze it and see if it matches your needs or not. If it does, buy it without wasting anytime, if it doesn’t, move on for further options!


Cons of big commerce are way less than its pros. Some of the disadvantages are that, you have to pay quite a lot to avail the abandoned cart functionality as compared to other companies. There are limits placed on annual online sales, if you exceed the limit, then you need to upgrade your plan to more expensive one. The themes provided by big commerce are to some extent similar. Number of typefaces in the free themes are also quite limited. Built in blog doesn’t have the option of RSS feeds which will become a problem later on. When it comes to VAT MOSS rates, they could have been better.



Big commerce is one of the most effective plans. Its plans are amazing if you compare them with other companies. It is strong when it comes to the SEO front. AMP function and the automatic image optimization function is something which is out of the box, and something which most of the companies don’t offer. It gives you power of unlimited things in many features and selling your products in various currencies is also effective, and is one of the strongest point why big commerce is best for you. if you want your business to have fame.

Template section can be a bit annoying since its similar to one another. They need to offer more templates and each template should be better and different from the other one. Sooner or later, they will realize this and make changes according to it, so no need to not opt for this because it has similar templates. It offers you features which other companies can’t even think about! One more thing which can be changed is that the abandoned cart recovery should be included in the basic monthly big commerce plan, it will take this company to another level.

I hope this article is somewhat useful for you and gave you some important information regarding big commerce and whether it will fulfill your needs or not. Make sure to try the fifteen days’ free trial, it will answer all your queries!