Everything You Need To Know About Honda City 2020 Model

Do you want to learn more about the latest Honda City model? Are you considering buying a Honda City? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at everything you need to know about the Honda City model and how it differs from previous models such as the Honda City 2019. There is no denying that Honda City has come a long way ever since it was first launched in 1997. The latest Honda City 2020 model is here.

Honda City has been one of the most popular models in emerging markets. The latest City is the 7th generation if you include the first two generations that had been produced during the 1980s as hatchbacks. The Honda Atlas 6th generation has not been made available as of yet. Ever since the launch of the Honda City 2020, the internet has been abuzz with reviews and much more. If you are wondering to get your hands on the latest Honda City, then you need to read.

  1. New Platform

The first thing that you need if you are interested in buying the Honda City 2020 is the fact that it is has a new platform. Even the 7th generation City might look like a Honda Civic, it has an entirely new platform which easily underpins the Fit/ Jazz hatchback. But, you should keep in mind that the chassis setup has been kept the same with Mac Pherson at the front and the torsion beam at its rear. Similarly, it is the same for the brake system where the ventilated discs are in the same place, whereas, the drums are being used for the rear.

  1. Increased Dimensions

Did you know that the Honda City 2020 has increased dimensions? It might be surprising to find out that the size of subcompact sedans has been continuously growing in size over recent years. The 7th Generation City is actually bigger than the 7th generation Civic in terms of its width and length. The latest City is 53 mm wider and 100 mm longer. Keep in mind that the wheelbase has now shorted by about 11 mm and the height has also been lowered by 10 mm in order to provide a better and sportier look. Moreover, you can easily buy the Honda City 2020 online by heading over to WapCar.my.

  1. New Interior

The latest Honda City also has an entirely new interior. The new 3 multi-function steering wheel is perfect as well the large 8 inches touch screen that has Android Auto and Apple Car Play support. The latest dashboard features a bunch of options such as ambient illumination and vertically oriented air vents. On the other hand, the touch sensitive control panel for the air conditioner has been replaced by superb knobs that are conventional at the same time. Furthermore, the seats have been resigned and are available with new headrests. The Honda City 2020 also has more sound insulations which allow you to enjoy a quiet and comfy ride.