Everything You Need to Know About Nicotine Salts

As soon as you hear the word ‘salt’ you immediately think of granule crystals, seasoning, or even a relaxing addition to your bathtub. However, nicotine salts are something far different and are slowly tackling the freebase nicotine market head-on. If you don’t yet know what nicotine salts are, or how they are relevant to your vaping experience, then read on.


What Are Nicotine Salts?

To understand what nicotine salts are, you first need to know what the alternative to them is, and why it’s imperative you have a choice. The alternative to nicotine salts is what feature in most E liquids on the market.

Freebase nicotine is the purest form of nicotine, added to both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which carries the nicotine as you vape it. Freebase nicotine is also what you find in nicotine replacement products like patches and gum.

Nicotine salts come from the same nicotine in tobacco leaf, but if you were to vape it as it is, it would not be as easily absorbed as freebase nicotine. Therefore, to form nicotine salts, manufacturers add benzoic acid.

The addition of benzoic acid means you enjoy a smoother vaping experience with a lower pH level in the nicotine. You can them vape at lower temperatures.


What’s the Appeal of Nicotine Salts?

There are several reasons why people choose nicotine salts over standard E liquid. The first is that it’s a pleasant vaping experience. Organisations have undergone several studies to ensure the vaping experience is as pleasurable as possible, with that “punch” delivered that other E liquids may not offer. Often, this satisfaction can be the difference between someone successfully transitioning from cigarettes to vaping, or carrying on with their harmful cigarette habit.

The nicotine hit is another standout point associated with nicotine salts. It’s far smoother than standard E liquids. In its natural form, nicotine is a harsh substance, and even though cigarette manufacturers mask the harshness, E liquid manufacturers don’t. Fortunately, smoothness is part and parcel with salts.

Then there’s the price point. Because you can use nicotine salts with vape pens without swapping to expensive devices, you don’t have to upgrade to the next price point to get it to “work” at its best. You can save yourself a fortune – even after kicking an expensive cigarette habit.

What you may also find is that the flavors you buy are more enjoyable too. Because freebase nicotine within E liquids can be quite hard to mask, you get the flavour of nicotine coming through your standard flavour combination which may not appeal. Nicotine salts allow you to enjoy the flavour you chose without that nicotine potency.

The only downsides of nicotine salts are the limited flavour range available, and function over fun. You would be more likely to use nicotine salts if you are fresh from cigarette smoking, rather than a hobby vaper who may like to swap coils and accessories to try out different flavour combinations.


Should I Try Nicotine Salts?

Choosing to vape for the first time, or make the switch from standard freebase nicotine to nicotine salts is a personal choice – one that only you can make. You can either ask for help from an expert or think about what you hope to get from your vaping experience.

If you are looking for a smooth vaping experience, then you are going to get that with nicotine salts. Then, think about how heavy a smoker you are and whether you prefer a high nicotine content or you don’t need a lot.

Some people also like to watch the vape clouds they produce, which you can sacrifice by using nicotine salts. But when it comes to discretion, you can rest assured that the lack of vape clouds can be a positive point too.

There are many things to consider in the realm of choosing nicotine salts over freebase nicotine, but it’s important to weigh up all your options before making a decision.


Vaping for the First Time

Unlike smoking, which only requires you to buy a packet of cigarettes and a lighter or matches, buying your vaping equipment for the first time can feel a little daunting. Fortunately, there are plenty of starter packs and vaping devices available. When you are looking to buy nicotine salts, you will need a vaping pen, compatible coils, and the salts flavour of your choice. You are now ready to vape!



If you crave a smoother hit – either as a first-time vape user or a seasoned pro, you can experience that and much more by swapping your freebase nicotine E liquids for nicotine salts. There’s no time like the present to make the change or start your new vaping venture on the right foot. Get in touch with an expert E liquid and nicotine salts supplier near you.


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