Everything You Need to Know About Touchless Bathroom Faucet and Touchless Faucets

Just like all corners of your home, your bathroom’s accessories also need attention in order to have a healthy and quality lifestyle. A touchless bathroom faucet, also known as an automatic bathroom faucet is something that should be on your bathroom accessories list. Amidst this pandemic, we need extra care and safety to avoid any potential contact with germs.

People often use dirty hands to turn on the water faucet and may not even clean it after using it.

In times like these, a touchless bathroom faucet or touchless faucet could come in handy. It prevents you from touching it and therefore, your contact with any bacteria or virus is minimized.

Touchless bathroom faucets have different names for example, motion sensor bathroom faucet or touch free bathroom faucet, touch sensor bathroom faucet, auto-sensing faucet or automatic sensor faucet. Hence, the function is the same.

These faucets work through sensors. Motion sensor faucet troubleshooting or automatic faucet do not turn off when using and when you pull your hands back, they immediately turn off, saving water. That is why they are also called environmental friendly faucets.

This article will discuss the advantages of these touchless bathroom faucets and best touchless faucet reviews.


So let’s dive in.


Advantages of a Touchless Faucet

●     Minimal Contact with the Germs

The major advantage these touchless faucets have to offer is to provide you with a germ-free environment. You don’t have to touch the dirty faucet or use any tissue paper to turn the faucet to avoid germs. This decreases the flow of germs from our hands to the faucet and vice versa. All you have got to do is put your hands under the faucet. The motion sensors will detect the presence of your hands and the water will automatically run through. As soon as you pull your hands, the faucet will turn off.


●     Simple to Use

Though regular faucets or manual ones are pretty easy to use but the touchless bathroom faucets make the job a lot easier. If you have kids running around in your house, it is suggested to have these touchless bathroom faucets to be installed since your kids may find it difficult to reach up to the height of the faucet to turn it on.


●     Saves Water

One of the many benefits of the touchless bathroom faucets or touchless faucets is saving water. The sensors installed in these faucets allow the water to flow only when they detect the presence or motion under the faucet. We all waste a lot of water which is a precious natural asset.

People often leave the water running while washing their faces, brushing their teeth and even children forget to turn the water faucet off. If you pay attention, you’ll know that this carelessness on our part can cause a lot of water wastage. Therefore, touchless bathroom faucets are the best option to consider.


●     New Ultra Modern Design

Interior designing has extended to bathroom renovation as well. People are willing to give their bathroom a modernized and aesthetic look. If you are one of these people, installing an ada bathroom sink, faucet could add more class to your bathroom. Since their body is slim and has more curves than the regular faucets, they appear more attractive and appealing.


Now, for your ease, we will be discussing the best touchless bathroom faucet.


1.   Delta Chrome 590 LF-LGHGMHDF Hands-free Bathroom Faucet

This lightweight touchless faucet is made with simple yet elegant style and enhances the beauty of your bathroom space. Delta faucets and delta touchless bathroom sinks are renowned for their great quality. The best part about delta chrome faucets is that their curved design compliments all kinds of sinks and only a single hole installation is required for a single faucet. These faucets are usually made out of brass material making it durable and long lasting. It comes with an advanced technology to detect movement of the hand. Since there is no contact with the hand, its shine remains intact.

Delta faucets offer a 0.5 GPM water flow reducing water wastage.


2.   American Standard Best Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucet

This faucet is suitable for residential as well as commercial use. Since it has an established brand name, it has great demand in the market due it’s quality. If your previous faucet has 3-hole then this faucet will easily fit into it without having you worry about installing a new hole. It’s curved spout design assists in perfect pressure of the waterflow without splashing too much water. It is also equipped with a temperature control handle. Just like the delta chrome faucet, it is also made out of brass material to give strength to the body of the faucet.


3.   HHOOMMEE Best Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

This faucet is famous for its attractive design and great quality. The company, HHOOMMEE is well known for producing quality products at super affordable prices. It is light and weight and has a good finishing. It is made out of stainless steel which protects the faucet from rust and any scratches. It’s water technology is lead-free and thus, provides you with a healthy lifestyle. Like other faucets, it has infrared motion sensors to detect motion of your hands and aids in saving water. It functions from 10-18 cm distance from your hands.


Zurn Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucet

The versatile design of Zurn Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucet can go with any interior of your bathroom. It’s curved body makes it sit perfectly in the sink and despite it’s appealing design, it is very reasonable to purchase. It is also made out of brass which offers more strength and durability. The company takes special care of its customers by covering all electrical parts of the faucet to make it shock resistant. It’s brass body protects it from rust as well as scratches. It comes with an infrared convergence-type proximity sensor that is the fastest sensor so far.

All in all, these touchless bathroom faucets can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom accessories.