VPS hosting business is a big deal in Indian and it has been growing at a very fast rate over the years. Therefore, when making a choice of a VPS hosting package, there is a great need to know the pros and cons of several types of VPS hosting company’s. To get a VPS hosting package, it cost a considerable amount of money. Thus, you can’t afford to make  the wrong choice.

This risk of using a sub-standards  VPS hosting is easier to bear If your web traffic is still at a manageable rate. But what happens of you begin to get more visitors ranging to millions on a daily basis. There comes the pressing need to switch to a better VPS hosting service provider.

Over the years, EwebGuru and Godadddy have been in a close tie, both fightings  to become the king of VPS hosting in India. However, no matter how fast a leopard runs, it can never beat a cheetah in a race. This simple illustration can be compared the close tie between EwebGuru and Godaddy. Ewebguru is the cheetah while Godaddy is the leopard trying to keep up. This difference is not based on mere instincts but based on facts. Right here in this article, I will be sharing basic reasons why Indians should prefer EwebGuru over Godaddy as their VPS hosting service provider.


The Price Of Godaddy Packages Will Drain Your Pocket

It is absolutely true that Godaddy has the largest domain register in the world state to about 63 million domains. But what happens to small businesses that need quality VPS hosting at an affordable price when their prices is a four-figure  digit. Whereas, EwebGuru has better features in their packages at an affordable price. I see no reason why Indians should go for a more expensive VPS hosting package when they can actually get an affordable VPS hosting package from a reliable source.


EwebGuru has a standing reputation

The fact that eWebguru is based here in India is enough reason for your company or any other company to prefer it over any other VPS hosting service and not Godaddy alone. They have been in business with and are still in business with some government agencies, corporate organization and businesses that require high system security and reliability. This implies that EwebGuru is trusted and  your data is safe with them.


Special features that eWebGuru has to offer

Evwebguru is the server provider that offers free installation service. No other server provider offers such a service. You are also allowed to transfer website and domain if you are using any of the server provided by ewebguru. Finally, ewebguru has an easy to use control panel.



All these put together should make you prefer eWebGuru Services compared to the American based VPS hosting service providers. Ewebguru is planning to take over the world’s VPS hosting industry and not been limited to India alone. It will be great if we all are part of this success story.