Did you know that women live longer on average than men? This doesn’t, however, make them invincible and women should still focus on living healthy and getting the right insurance to deal with life’s inevitable health emergencies. But many women simply don’t have health insurance and they tend to use four common excuses to justify not getting health insurance.


Excuse #1: I am healthy so I don’t need it

The most common excuse both women and men make in order to avoid getting health insurance is the health argument. The thinking is that if you’re healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, you won’t need to worry about insurance. Why pay for something you wouldn’t even use?

The simplest counterargument to this is the fact that no one knows the future! Your health is also not just about choices you make, as accidents can devastate a woman’s life just as well as disease related to lifestyle choices. The world’s healthiest person could end up the sickest in the blink of an eye. As harsh as it might sound, you’re not safe anywhere – there could even be things making you sick at your own home!


Excuse #2: I don’t have enough money to pay for it

Just as women live longer than men, they also don’t make quite as much money. income inequality between the genders is real everywhere and it can be especially evident in the Middle East where the majority of the women still stay at home to take care of the family. If you’re not earning, you might feel you don’t have enough money to pay for insurance and it becomes an additional luxury you can’t afford.

However, health insurance isn’t usually as costly as people assume. The truth is that many don’t do the work and compare health insurance. Instead, they simply assume it’s expensive and avoid getting it. But if you compare health insurance options and do your research, you will find affordable solutions that work for you.

Furthermore, the cost of getting sick and not having health insurance to cover your care can be a lot more devastating in the end. People have found themselves in real trouble simply because they didn’t want to budget monthly and find ways to cover health insurance costs.


Excuse #3: I probably belong to my husband or father’s insurance

While there are many health insurance policies for families that look after spouses or children, women shouldn’t just assume this is the case. It’s important to check the health insurance policy and understand what and who is actually being covered.

Even if you are part of your husband or father’s policy, you might not have adequate cover. Join health insurance may only cover the other person for basic treatment – this could be a problem if you become very sick or need specialist treatment. In most cases, having your own health insurance is the best way to go. Even when you want to opt for joint policies, always compare health insurance policies to guarantee you get the most comprehensive cover for everyone included in the policy.


Excuse #4: I’m covered by my workplace

The final excuse women tend to make is similar to the previous one. If the woman is working, she might feel that her employer’s health insurance is enough. In countries like UAE, employers must provide mandatory health insurance but this doesn’t mean it’s always the best policy you can get.

Again, it’s important for the woman to understand what the health insurance covers and compare health insurance options that could enhance the policy. Adding additional cover is important – especially for women since the generic health insurance employers might choose for workers could overlook important elements such as maternity care.

It’s essential to research things around you rather than simply assuming everything is being taken care of. therefore, you shouldn’t ever just hope for the best – as a woman, you must be resilient and look after yourself!


Why women need health insurance

Although women tend to live longer than men, they don’t sail through life without any health issues. In a certain sense, women’s health needs are a lot more complex compared to men’s, especially when you consider pregnancy a responsibility that falls solely on the female’s shoulders. This means that having the right health insurance in place is crucial for women.

The above excuses are common but they don’t stand the argument test. There simply is no excuse for not finding health insurance – it’s an investment on yourself and one that every woman should make. There are plenty of policies out there, meaning that everyone can find a policy that works for them, in terms of needs and budget. You just have to compare health insurance and spend some time researching your options.