Generally speaking, Dublin is probably best known for its number one attraction The Guinness Storehouse or maybe even Dublin Castle. But if you’re looking for further inspiration and interesting attractions to visit during your trip to Dublin that won’t be too crowded with tourists, look no further than these hidden wonders…

National Leprechaun Museum

If you’re into your nerdy details and historic locations, this is probably not the place for you as the National Leprechaun Museum is home to the storytelling of folklore over fact. The clue is kind of in its name! A small and intimate experience, you’ll be able to delve into the history behind the legends, myths and magic of Dublin.

Shrine of St. Valentine

As a gift from the Pope to the people of Ireland, the patron saint of love and lovers St. Valentine’s remains are now buried in Dublin and you can find his shrine at the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. You may find a few more tourists here but it is a must see to celebrate the true wonder of love.

Iveagh Gardens

You can quite literally get lost in these gardens as you’ll find a miniature version of London’s Hampton Court Maze here. Dating back over three hundred years, Iveagh Gardens is a tranquil oasis with waterfalls, fountains and rose gardens. It is truly spectacular in summer and makes for the perfect place to relax and hideaway from the busy feel of the city.

Kilmainham Gaol

A 15-minute drive from the centre of Dublin, Kilmainham Gaol is one of Ireland’s most famous prisons for rebels. Housing men, women and children, the youngest prisoner was believed to be just 7 years of age. During the harshest famines, some Irish people would intentionally break the law to enter the Gaol in hopes of being fed. Look into car hire while you’re in Dublin for a quick and easy way to make it out to this fascinating sight.

Oscar Wilde

With Oscar Wilde’s Georgian house just across the way, the memorial statue of the renowned writer ‘lounging about’ can be found in Merrion Square. With its style in keeping with the Georgian houses surrounding it, it is also within walking distance of the Natural History Museum and the National Gallery.

Marsh’s Library

If books are your thing – and seeing Oscar Wilde’s home and memorial statue are not enough – then search Marsh’s Library. You’ll find it close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, right in the heart of the city behind blossoming trees and iron gates. With original bookcases, there is an overwhelming but wonderful smell of books that each and every bookworm is bound to enjoy, and the current exhibition ‘Bran Stoker & The Haunting of Marsh’s Library’ details what the author of Dracula read as a teenager in the library.

A Hungry Tree

Something rather unusual but not the first to be seen, is the Hungry Tree located at Ireland’s oldest law school. At 80 years of age, the London Plane ‘Hungry Tree’ tree seems to be munching its way through a cast iron bench at Ireland’s oldest law school. The bark of the tree spills over the back of the bench making it look like it’s being sucked in to the tree trunk!