Explore LA Like A Local: 7 Must-Do Activities in Koreatown

If you’re anything like us, you love to explore different places and cultures when travelling. And what better place to do so than Los Angeles’s very own Koreatown? This vibrant neighborhood is jam-packed with unique sights and activities that will have you feeling like a local. From taking a stroll through the streets to trying out some of the best Korean cuisine in the city, here are 7 must-do activities for your next trip to LA.

1. Visit the K-Town Night Market

Every summer, this exciting night market pops up along 6th Street in Koreatown, and it’s definitely worth checking out! Stroll through the stalls selling everything from street food and handmade crafts to vintage clothes and live music performances. The atmosphere is electric and you won’t want to miss it!

2. Take a Guided Tour

If you don’t know much about Korea and haven’t checked Lingua Asia yet, why not book yourself onto a guided tour? Led by experienced locals, these tours offer an insight into Korean culture while also taking in some of LA’s most iconic sites. Plus, they make great photo ops!

3. Shop at Galleria Market

This bustling indoor market is one of the biggest draws for locals and tourists alike in Koreatown. Here you can find all kinds of Asian snacks, fruits and vegetables, seafood, meats and more—everything you need for an authentic Korean cooking experience! Make sure to try out some bibimbap while you’re there too!

4. Hang Out at Yim Yoo Rae Plaza

This traditional plaza is located right in the heart of Koreatown and features plenty of cafes where locals hang out after work or on weekends. Feel free to stay awhile—you’ll get a real sense of what makes this neighborhood so special!

5. Check Out Some Art Galleries

For those who appreciate art and culture, there are several galleries dotted around Koreatown showcasing both traditional and contemporary pieces from local artists. Pop into one or two of these galleries during your visit for an eye-opening experience unlike any other!

6. Hit Up Some Karaoke Bars

If singing your heart out is your thing then head over to one of Koreatown’s many karaoke bars where you can belt out your favorite tunes until late into the night with friends old and new!

7. Enjoy Some Traditional Food

Last but by no means least is trying some traditional Korean food—it really should be top of your list when visiting LAs Koreatown district! Make sure to visit some popular spots such as Koi Palace or Soot Bull Jeep for delicious eats that are sure to leave you satisfied till your next visit!



Whether you’re looking for adventure or just want to soak up some culture on your next trip abroad, look no further than Los Angeles’ very own Koreatown district! From night markets full of surprises to karaoke bars ready for belting ballads till late into the night—this vibrant neighbourhood has something for everyone looking for an authentic travel experience like no other. So get ready because it’s time to explore LA like a local!