We have all heard of this term “freelance”, but do we really understand all that it really means and has to offer? According to HubSpot, freelancing is performing contracted tasks for a number of customers, clients and organizations.

If you are a freelancer, your area of expertise may vary from production and creation of content (all sorts) to development of applications to coaching and tutoring. You may also be referred to as a self-supporting contractor or self-employed entrepreneur.

In America, more than 57 million people are involved in freelancing. This number includes approximately 50% of millennials — surpassing any other generation or era. Also, it is important to note that the bulk mass of the world is expected to be freelancing by the year 2027, based upon economic fads.



Still a little concerned about whether you should invest your blood, sweat and tears into freelancing? Here are a few reasons for you to at least think about it:

  • The biggest reason for you to freelance is that you can literally find just about any job you can imagine. Growing up, most of us had our decisions made for us and we did not get the opportunities to partake in what we actually really wanted to, but freelancing may help you revive that old childhood dream and passion and make some money off of it as well. You can literally do anything, be anything – from a delivery rider to a business owner.
  • In simpler terms, freelancers are basically people that offer their services to employers without actually making a long-term commitment to them. Another benefit of working freelance jobs is that you will most definitely be your own boss. This means you will decide your schedule, appraises and rates, etc. You can also choose which clients or jobs you feel like taking. The perk? If you feel like doing your job in your pajamas – or even naked, you absolutely can. If you suddenly feel like taking a month-long holiday, you can because it will totally be up to you.
  • But don’t forget that being your own boss can also be a con of freelancing. With no one to firmly guide you and keep an eye on you, you may slack off which will not really harm anyone except you, yourself. Because the main thing about freelancing is that you earn if you work. The more you work, the more commissions you can earn.
  • Another advantage that freelancing has over regular work is that you will have the opportunity to make more money than the norms because basically freelance work is very high risk, and in return, you receive high reward. Your income is basically any amount you want it to be, because all of it depends upon how much you are charging your clients and how frequently you want to work.
  • Your freelancing career does not have to look like or be anything like a typical 9 to 5 job. See, if you are a freelancer, you will have a much better work-life harmony because in lieu of travelling to your workplace every single day, you may easily walk to your local café or diner. And in place of running around to get to the local gym during your recess, you can just take your time enjoying you lunch and workout later, whenever you want, without stressing about it. In simple words, when you are freelancing, you may work any time you want and from anywhere you want.



You can either get into a freelance community online, or offline.

To get into an online freelance community, the first step that you need to follow is to begin a blog or website on any social publishing platform with a suitable audience. Because in today’s technological day and age, blogging is, and has been all the rage for quite some time now, and is a very good way to spread your thorough education and wisdoms when it comes to freelancing. The good thing about social publishing platforms is that they produce and help you be a part of a strong system of bloggers which interact with one another and appreciate and critique each other’s work. You can also be a part of exclusive professional groups on Facebook for freelancers, so you can talk about several tips, concerns, or anything else that is on your mind and you need to get it off your chest. Online groups are also a remarkable way to find out about job vacancies in your circle. Another thing you can partake in is tutoring online, because it is an excellent path to interact with like-minded creative professionals.

If you are more into socializing and want to building your way into an offline freelance community is more your style, you should focus on going to a meetup in your local area which is related to your field of work. Meetups are domestic self-organized groups of people that get together to discuss several specific themes and matters. It is totally up to you, that is why you may attend these meetups as often or seldom as you want. Meetups are usually quite intimate, which makes them a very good way of making long lasting partnerships, friendships and connections. You can also partake in a coworking space. Basically, what you have to do first is google the term “coworking in your area” and you will definitely find a space that suits you. Even though working in a coworking space is a tad bit more costly than working at home, which is to be expected, you will be amidst other passionate and creative people who are most probably facing several of the same issues and concerns as you are on the daily. You may also be present at various lectures such as a Creative Mornings lecture. Creative Mornings holds conversational sessions inventive professionals and workers all around the world over morning breakfast, which makes it an impressive way to encounter harmonious originals in your locality before you have even started your day properly.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your freelancing career today and live the life you have always wanted!

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