Most of us hope to never break the law or be accused of a crime that violates the law, but to “err is human” and if it happens, it is in our best interest to be prepared and take appropriate measures.

Now while people live in different states across the country and are probably familiar with the respective state laws, it will come as a surprise that a large majority of US citizens know very little about federal laws. This is not to say people are completely oblivious of matters that concern federal laws. Far from it, still many people commit criminal offenses that tend to fall within the jurisdiction of federal crimes.

Understanding Some Aspects of US Federal Law

First off, the crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction are not always obvious. While white collar crimes like money laundering and other forms of fraud as well as bank robbery, tax evasion, identity theft and murdering a government employee or official are classified as an obstruction of federal law, Many do not know that tampering with a mailbox, graffiti on federal buildings or vandalizing a lamp post in a national park are federal offenses. As trivial as these may sound, do not underestimate the severity of federal laws and the potential consequences you might incur for thoughtless actions. I found out the hard way after letting out my frustrations on a mailbox.

So if you are ever charged with committing a related crime with the possibility of federal criminal sentencing, then click the link to get a lawyer that specializes in federal cases. The federal criminal defense attorneys protect the rights of their clients, no matter how petty or serious the crime may be.

Why You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

While there is no shortage of lawyers in the US, not all lawyers are capable of defending persons accused of federal crimes. This is because the laws and penalties between state and federal criminal laws are different in structure and in substance. Keep in mind that federal charges and federal sentences are more severe than state crimes.

That being said when it comes to federal crimes and federal sentencing your fate doesn’t just lie on the severity of your case but also on how good your federal criminal defense attorney is.

Also, do not pick an attorney that is afraid to go to a preliminary hearing or trial, but you also don’t want an attorney who claims to always go to trial. An attorney who is scared to go to trial will not be willing or able to stand up for you and defend your rights, which is exactly what you want from an attorney in a federal criminal case. An attorney who says he always goes to trial might be putting you at risk, especially if you are looking at a severe sentence under the federal guidelines.  The bottom line is that you want an attorney who can either get you a dramatically reduced sentence or who can defend you in front of the judge and jury and most likely get you off.