Now everyone could create next-level product pages intended to deliver impact information and emotions to retain your potential customer. 


Take the web to the next level

One-time purchase for an unlimited number of projects. 

Well-crafted Figma web UI library to design better web pages

Landing pages reusable templates kit based on most efficient web design patterns.140+ dark & light restrained design blocks. Fits commonly like a puzzle on a 24px gutter grid. A serious selection of trendy and frequent website blocks for any design.

Hero Covers

Blocks to begin putting a story about your product, service, or application. We got all of them embraced. Replace and rescale pictures, edit and change lines, and start collecting emails for a campaign or obtain more app downloads. Use your creativity to set the most suitable block as the start according to aimed goals. Material web design practice was reimagined here for your next landing page. 

Call to Action

Employ Figma for web design. It’s a faster way to deploy trustful product design as a website to find, attract, and convert visitors into your customers without a doubt.

We have a lot of CTA blocks added for your endless experiments. You’re free to pick any, then test and verify with traffic turning to a page, analyze the metrics after and stay within the best design alliance to let your business grow.


There’re so many methods to design a better footer for your pages. Footers that support a user to navigate, discover necessary information, or change into newsletter subscribers. But you don’t have to waste your time on it. Pick just one from a store, resize or move nested structures with links, forms, social icons, and other; replace with your own content; toggle fonts (there much more alternatives available as Figma fonts styles and previously declared in advance) and build awesome websites faster…

Data Tables

When building websites seldom it’s necessary to have adjustable tables on hand to quickly paste various kinds of data to represent to a visitor. That’s why Figma Web Design kit provided with smart and ultimate tables, worked within a variety of styles to cover every conceivable purpose. FYI, it’s built brick-by-brick doing only one whole-cell component, to make future changes, edits and customizations easy and quick.


There are some powerful layouts included in Figma templates intended to collect all the necessary data from your visitors. We’ve designed and developed a mixture of blocks powered by usability for collecting emails for a campaign, let your visitor sign up for a service or web app, subscribe for a newsletter, fill and pass through TLDR reviews, and many more. All the text fields associated patterns collected in the whole landing pages design kit.


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If you want to preview more web design blocks for your inspiration — take a look at Web Design Inspiration gallery linked to this design product. 

Figma opened gates of events never before seen in other tools. Design teams and developers can practice it to collaborate in real-time while creating perfect and responsive experiences.