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Are you searching for the best AV receivers under 500$? You are definitely in the right place. When you are searching for an AV receiver, there are many factors that you need to consider in other to get the best one.

Deciding on which AV receiver to buy can be very challenging. This is because there are too many models with similar features. You will need to have more than just the basic knowledge of receivers to be able to pick up the best one the next time you are in the market for receivers.

If you have been using the old AV receiver, it might be time to consider getting a new one that wan be controlled via an IR extender. There are tons of reasons why buying new AV receiver makes sense. Most of today’s receivers come with advanced features that are not available in the old ones. They work better and offer more value for your money. Unfortunately, there are too many of them. What this means is that you may find it a little hard getting the best AV receiver except if you are ready to put in some time into research.

The good news is that with AV receiver comparison tool, it is now very easy to compare different receivers and get the one that completely matches your needs as well as your budget.



Factors to Consider Before Purchasing AV Receiver

If you are looking for the best receiver, you will need to consider various factors. To make it easier for you to decide which one to buy, we have made a list of factors you need to consider when you are looking to get the best AV receiver:


1. Built-in Wi-Fi, AirPlay, and Bluetooth

Before you consider budget, you need to pay serious attention to built-in support for wireless technologies such as AirPlay, multiroom audio, and the ubiquitous Bluetooth. The old version of AV receivers may not have this feature, but you definitely need them in any new version that you decide to get.

With these wireless technologies, you can use your receiver in various ways. Just keep an eye for a receiver with this feature before making a decision.


2. Sound Quality

You really need to pay attention to the sound quality of the receiver you are getting. There are audible differences but you may not notice. You can only know this when you are using AC receiver comparison tool.

Most of the modern day receivers are geared towards providing better home theater sound than music. You will need to get a receiver with superior sound performance.


3. Budget

You don’t need to break the bank before you get the best AV receiver; there are tons of affordable receivers out there with all the features mentioned above. Don’t just settle for the first receiver you see, use an AV comparison tool to find the best receiver in the market at a price you will be comfortable paying.


Is the Best AV Receiver Comparison Tool?

Like we suggested above, it is extremely important that you make use of AV receiver comparison tool when you are looking to get the best one.

We compared various AV receiver comparison tool and only stood out. If you are looking for the best tool, this site has features that are not available in other sites. provides you with more than 60 AV receiver’s data. You will practically see all brands and versions of receivers available at various prices. Some of the popular brands available on this site include Marantz, Denon, NAD, Sony Anthem, Yamaha, and even Onkyo receivers. Every day, new brands, as well as new versions of AV receivers, are added to this site. This means you are likely to see even AV receiver that you previously don’t know exist when you are using


How it Works

When you log on to, simply choose up to 4 AV receivers that you want to compare. If you don’t see the ones you like listed on site, you can make use of the search bar to look it up and select it.


When you are done selecting up to 4 AV receivers you like, scroll down and click “Compare AV Receivers”. You will be now taken to a new page where the four receivers you selected will be compared. You can be able to view their:

  • Price Range
  • Best Price
  • Number of channels
  • RMS Power
  • THD
  • Internet connectivity
  • Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Remote app
  • Functionalities and surround
  • Inputs

With all these, you can see at a glance the best AV receiver for you and their features. This makes it extremely easy to buy the AV receiver with features you like within few minutes without hassle.



Buying the best AV receiver in the market is very easy when you are making use of AV receiver comparison tool. With, you can easily get the best receiver that suits your budget of 500$ and your needs.


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