One of the benefits of surface mount LED lights can be described in a single word. They are “small.” But, you shouldn’t be misled by the size, which is small compared to some other light fixtures that deliver the same amount of comfortable light.

In addition to taking up less space, the surface mount LED lights you invest in will be easy to install and will save you money in the long term. Consider these and other benefits one by one. You will see a difference in:

  • Fixture weight
  • Amount of space they occupy
  • Amount of electrical power needed to deliver quality light.

By design, these fixtures may weight half or one-third of traditional lights used for the same purpose. They also take up half the space or less, and will work with any interior design.


Surface Mount Technology – The Benefits

You’ll probably experience these benefits in your own way, but when you begin to the technology in surface mount LED lights you’ll definitely notice:

  • Flexibility – because they can be used almost anywhere
  • You can repeat the installation many times to give you the light you need over large spaces
  • Quality and dependability are repeated with each basic installation
  • Maintenance costs are reduced because the work is the same each time, with minimal time and materials waste
  • Your cost savings (lower utility bills) can be passed along to valued customers


Choose LED

If you have experienced even one light-emitting diode (LED) fixture in your home or business, you should already understand the benefits of this technology. You won’t spend anywhere near the amount you’ve been paying for electrical power. In short, your utility costs will be remarkably low compared to the costs of incandescent or fluorescent fixtures.

For example, if you choose 18-watt LED disc-design surface mount LED lights you will be replacing a classic 100-watt incandescent fixture and get the same amount of usable light. This new technology delivers 1200 lumens and is a great choice for commercial, retail, and residential use.

You might also try surface mount LED lights that use about 39 watts of power and give you more than 4000 lumens. With this choice you’ll replace fixtures requiring as much as 200 watts to deliver the same amount of light.

Or you might want to invest in surface mount LED lights of sturdy construction that can be mounted directly to the surface or over a junction box. This not only gives you the down-lighting you need but also is perfect for less-than-ideal conditions (including places where moisture is present). Use this in place of your original 75-watt fixture to save money. You’ll only use one-third the electrical power!

In conclusion, it makes perfect sense for property owners, both residential and commercial, to invest in this technology and this design. If you are thinking seriously about surface mount LED lights, take a few minutes to ask another owner or manager for their opinion. You’ll be glad you did.