Where To Find Rock Salt Wholesalers And Ice Melt Considerations

When seeking to control snow and ice buildup, taking time for detailed ice melt comparisons are important.  Its vital for snow removal professionals to understand the features of different kinds of ice melt products.  Deciding on the Best deicer makes a big difference for effectively reducing the amount of snow and ice on sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and streets. Thereby keeping your customers happy and protected from injuries and lawsuits.  Rock salt is common, well known, economical, and powerful.  However, choosing the ideal deicer for the job requires more thorough consideration.


Ice Melt Considerations

It’s important to look at several factors when assessing ice melting products:


  • Climate: Various deicers have different working temperatures.
  • Damage: Products will damage concrete, sidewalk, and other surfaces to varying degrees.
  • Environment: Some ice melting products are more harmful than others into the environment, plants, people and creatures.


No ice melt is all things for all scenarios.  Additionally, there are always consequences when introducing substances into the environment.  So it’s important to be aware of the differences between different deicing agents prior to making your decision.


This product has commercial and residential uses for the harshest weather conditions.  It’s fast acting, and much more effective than sodium chloride, but it can damage plants if over applied.  Damage to asphalt and concrete is comparatively common over time.  It’s tough on ice, but also just about everything else.  It’s believed a low corrosive item, but also doesn’t work at colder temperatures.  Magnesium Chloride Also great for both residential and business use.  This deicer is more environmentally secure than calcium chloride, but it still packs a punch at lower temperatures.   Mildly corrosive, yet powerful up to -13 degrees.


Like magnesium chloride, it can damage plants and is bad for pets with kidney issues.  There’s minimal danger to surfaces.  Sodium Chloride/Rock Salt For both residential and industrial use, the price is the major benefit.  Rock salt is an inexpensive solution that works quickly to melt ice.  However, it’s a greater chance of damaging surfaces and being lethal to pets.


It’s safe for pets, with practically no chance of damaging pavements, but not so effective. Check here if you are looking for wholesale rock salt.


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