Cardiff WALES, MONDAY THE 9TH July – Innovative & forward thinking education provider ‘The Horizon Institute’ announced its latest set of courses to date. This significant change has been brought forward to lay bare the bad actors of the industry, and to promote truth instead of deception, which has become a long-standing trait of the wider investment education world.

Horizon seeks to take a revolutionary approach by providing practical insights over indulging fantasies of earning “10k a week on the international forex markets”.  This approach will undoubtedly shake up the wider and pre-existing market of educators.

Founded in 2017, The Horizon Institute of Investment Management is quickly establishing itself as the market leader of bespoke and start-to-finish solutions for aspiring traders of the financial markets. This accredited, tailored and exclusive set of courses acts as a quasi-apprenticeship in investment management and allows successful candidates to create promising careers in the industry.

Karl Ahlstedt commented: “Finance was my strong suit and I’ve built up considerable industry experience in working in asset management, commodities, and equities trading. During this tenure I saw time and time again where normal people signed up for overpriced courses that taught fundamentally flawed content. It was this paradoxical fallacy that became the crux on which I started The Horizon Institute.

Karl continued: “Investing always comes with risk, but when you teach students how to properly manage risk and psychology alongside trading technicals and fundamentals the outcomes in my experience, are on par with those at the largest investment banks.

Since 2017, The Horizon Institute has opened up accredited CPD courses across Wales in locations based in Swansea, Cardiff and London. The successful debut of events around the country prove that there is a market for a high quality, no non-sense approach to training the next generations of day traders, market makers, and fund managers.

The next steps for Horizon include an online based course (which is currently in early access) and the release of an Investing Masterclass, aimed at those with a pre-existing financial background.

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