It’s always difficult to find a good plumber to fix our plumbing issues. There are many con artist who pretends to be a plumber but won’t finish the job or won’t fix the problem. If you are residing in a big city like Sydney, you will have a hard time finding a good plumber in dural that won’t rip off your money because there are plenty to choose from. Everyone wants a satisfied service in exchange for hard-earned money. Well, tt’s not really that challenging to find a reliable plumber if you know how to spot them. Here are some signs telling you that you cannot trust this plumber:


Without license and insurance

There are people working without license and insurance, and they usually charge less. You might be tempted to hire them but note that there is too much risk here. If ever the job is poorly down or something happened during the process, you got nowhere to turn to. The people won’t be paying for any damages done. If you need to hire a plumber, make sure to check of their identification, their license, and proof of their insurance. If you are unsure or have doubts, you may call your state’s insurance commissioner and state’s licensing department. Much better if you hire services from a reputable plumbing company since they have all the permit needed to operate and their plumbers are trained professionals.


Giving price quote without examining the job

If a plumber will provide you with an estimate without checking the job first, you shouldn’t accept it. It’s not realistic. An honest plumber will tell you their hourly rate or if they have a minimum charge. But first, they need to check on the job first of what needs to be done. From there, they’ll give you an idea on what type of job is required and how long will it take. Then they can offer you an estimate on how much they will be charging after the job is complete. If you think they are asking for a surprisingly cheap amount, you can contact another plumber to have a comparison. If you have several competing bids, you will get an idea of what a reasonable price is. Don’t get cheated with discounts. If you compare price estimates from other plumbers, you will see that there is really no difference even when the discount is applied.


Knock on your door uninvited

If someone shows up to your house and persuade you to hire him or her to do your plumbing project, you should call the police. In most cases, this is a fraud and just there to check into your home’s vulnerabilities. Most of these con artist are targeting elderly homeowners. You shouldn’t invite just any plumber you find whom you have not checked out first. You can find trustworthy plumbers by asking for recommendations from your friends, families, or workmates. Since you know them, you can trust their judgment, so they are the best. You can also check about the company on the internet. You can read reviews from past customers. What out if there are many complaints and if they are a fraud.


Using bait

There are companies who are good at deceiving customers. It’s their marketing tactics. They advertise excellent service, but in truth, they only provide unsatisfactory service or an inferior version. They don’t deliver what has been promised. It’s a sign of bad quality service.


Too many extra workers

Some plumbing project may require numbers of plumbers to complete the job. If your job is a complex one, then a second or third plumber is justifiable. If you call the company and order a work, you should ask first how many plumbers will be coming into your house and how long it will take to finish the project. You will then have an idea on how to compute the charges and other fees. There are companies who send out more worker even if it’s unnecessary. It’s their way of charging you extra for an extra person which is not acceptable. Don’t agree with this. You should only be provided with the number of plumbers promised to you when you order the job.


Asking you to pay before the job is done

It’s acceptable that a plumber will ask you to pay a down payment to cover part of the job and it will give them the assurance that you’ll pay up. However, it’s not reasonable if they ask you to pay the full bill even if the job isn’t finished yet. You wouldn’t know if the issue has been fixed or if the job is correctly done. Before paying the full bill, the work must be completed, and they should make sure that you are satisfied. That’d the only time you should complete the payment.

When you decide to order a plumbing project, make sure that there is a contract and read it carefully. Check on the conditions, and it should match with your needs or requirements. If you are not satisfied with the job, you should be allowed not to pay or complete the payment, especially if something gets broken or there is damaged done. For problems like this, the plumbers must take responsibilities for errors made while doing the job. It would be nice if the company offers an after cleaning service so you won’t have to clean up after plumbers leave your house.

If you know how to spot warning signs in hiring a plumber, it won’t be that hard to find an honest one that won’t rip you off. You just need to play smart. Before plumbers visit your property, be mindful of your expensive things. Some plumbers will guess about your wealth through the expensive stuff they see in your house, and they will try to gain more money from you by charging you higher rates. If ever you are satisfied with the work of the plumber, keep their business card or save their contact number. By the time you require another plumbing service, you just simply contact them.