In today’s world, expenses have increased via inflation and therefore so has the cost of many things. This has caused an imbalance in many people’s financial situation and the expenses will continue to accrue over time.  A car repair can’t be delayed if you want to keep your job, a utility bill can’t be ignored to keep the facilities working at you home, and there are plenty of similar expenses just waiting to happen. For this reason, you have to arrange money even if your pocket is a bit on the lighter side. Fortunately, one can seek a variety of loans to resolve these expenses in time and then pay later as is convenient.

When it comes to taking out a loan, especially if it is mortgage or auto loan, then you have to make certain calculations. Interest and down payments are involved so you have to know what you are getting into and how to find the best deal available. For this purpose, financial calculators are quite helpful.

Nowadays, you don’t have to leave your home to find a quality calculator. If you can seek financial help online, then you can access a variety of financial calculators online as well. If you are looking for a mortgage or savings calculator, you don’t need to look any further than your laptop or smartphone. In today’s article, we review two calculator websites that offer a mortgage calculator as well as a variety of other calculators.

The websites we are going to discuss are and We go through their features and offer our opinion on which one to choose if you are seeking help with certain financial calculations.

This website offers specifically a variety of financial calculators. You can find them alphabetically from A to Z. It is a project managed by a group of finance professionals and software engineers. Not only you can use their huge collection of financial calculators but ask for more help by using their contact form.

Each of their calculators offers complete analysis after entering the information each calculator asks for.  Their outputs include a data table as well as comprehensive charts so that the results can be viewed visually over time.

This website is a more generalized calculation resource. You will not only find financial calculators but those useful for areas such as health, fitness, math, and more. The services are completely free and the website does not even require a registration.  Most of the calculators have been developed in-house.   On this site, each calculator is different and so the calculator layouts are different.  It can be confusing at time to relearn a new calculator each time.


What Website Should You Choose for Financial Calculations?

As per our review, we prefer that you use if you are looking for a serious and professional financial calculation. Using the contact form, you can even ask for further help with a financial calculation issue. As we have mentioned that calculators on this site have been developed under the supervision of finance experts and software engineers, so you are likely to resolve the issue efficiently with their help. On the other hand, we find that is a useful website but may not offer as good calculations as the IQ Calculators’ website.

Now, of course there are other financial calculator websites such as or or but we believe these are not as good as the ones talked about above.