Finding The Best Dog Life Jackets – Our Tips

Although there are some dog breeds that can be considered natural swimmers such as spaniels and retrievers, there are many breeds that simply are not suited to the water. If you want to take your pup swimming or plan on going on a cruise, a dog life jacket is a must. It is a great investment as it helps ensure that you and your bundle of joy have the best time. Besides, even good swimmers can tire trying to stay afloat. Therefore, you require a dog life jacket. This post takes a close look at the top dog life jackets. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.


Best Tips to Choose a Dog Life Jacket

Before we take a close look at the best dog life jackets, it is important to learn about the best tips. The following tips will allow you to take the right decision.

  • Handle: The handle is a necessary part of the dog life jacket. This is why it is important for it to be easy to grab hold of. It is also needed for teaching your dog how to swim. Once your dog is comfortable swimming on its own, you can leave it to have fun.
  • D-Ring: Next, you require a D-Ring as it is ensures that you can easily attach a leash for a stress-free swim.
  • Color: Choosing the right color for the dog life jacket will allow you to spot your dog easily in the water. Therefore, you will need to go through the colors to find one that is suitable for a swim. A bright color is the best option.
  • Buoyancy: You also have to choose a dog life jacket that provides sufficient buoyancy for keeping your pet afloat. A quality dog life jacket would have floatation sections in the surround sides and under the belly. There should also be floatation sections in the neck area so that your pup can keep its head above water.


Top Dog Life Jackets

  1. Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

One of the best dog life jackets for just about every breed size is the outward hound dog life jacket. Whether you require a golden retriever life jacket or a life jacket for any other dog type, you will find it to be just what you need. It meets four qualities that you need to keep in mind which include floatation, handles, visibility, and buoyancy. Besides, its dual rescue handles, chest straps, and belly buckles make it a must buy.

Moreover, as the jacket has a bright orange color along with reflective piping, you will never lose sight of your little pup while swimming. In fact, the life jacket would easily compliment the swimming ability of your dog to ensure that it remains safe at all times. Every dog owner loves the amazing fitting, durability, and quality of the life jacket. Hence, it is worth checking out. However, you should check the sizing carefully to make the right purchase.

  1. Shark Fin Dog Life Jacket

The next dog life jacket on our list is the Shark Fin dog life jacket. It is known for being the cutest dog life jacket out there. You will be amazed by the intricacy of this life jacket. It will keep your pup safe and ensure that it looks its cutest. You can rest assured that it will stay afloat with the help of the extra buoyancy. It comes in various sizes and colors. Choose from orange, grey, and rose. Besides, the dog life jacket has a secure handle for keeping your pup secure. You can utilize the D-Ring for utilizing a leash. The cute element of the shark fin also acts as a floatation device.

  1. Viva Glory Dog Life Jacket

In addition to the above, Viva Glory dog life jacket is also an excellent dog life jacket. It had to be included in the post. As the top-rated dog life jacket, there is a lot that you can expect from it. The life jacket is available in five different sizes, from extra large to extra small. The best thing about the dog life jacket is that it is available in eight bright colors, from yellow to blue to pink. The jacket is constructed with a fastening system and extra padding to keep your dog buoyant and secure while ensuring minimal motion restriction.

Take advantage of the D-Ring for leash attachment, the durable grab handle, and quick-release buckles along with adjustable straps. The different safety features will help take stress away from your mind. You will find it to be just what you need. In fact, you would be delighted to know that the life jacket comes in different sizes. You should have no trouble finding the right size for your pup.

  1. Hurtta Dog Life Savior Jacket

Finally, the Hurtta dog life savior jacket is also a great life jacket. It is meant for serious swimmers. Therefore, if you want to swim regularly with your pup, you should opt for this life jacket. It is designed with safety in mind. Spending a lot of time in the water is possible with this amazing life jacket. You simply cannot go wrong with it. It is thick and strong.

Moreover, its grab handle and snug fit make it the perfect option for even bulky dogs. There are reflectors on the back of the life jacket. You will also get to utilize the adjustable neck and waist for ensuring that your pup benefits from maximum comfort. Choose from three different colors and sizes. The best thing about the dog life jacket is that it can easily withstand all types of water conditions. You can expect freedom of movement in the water with this jacket.



Once you have gone over this post, you will know about the best dog life jackets. It is important that you choose the right dog life jacket for ensuring that you enjoy the best swim with your pup. Only the best options have been shared.