Finding the right garage for car service using the getpitstop


When one owns a car one should give proper attention to its service as well. In case there is no proper and regular service then the car can break down at any time and can cause serious accidents as well. In case there is proper servicing then the car will run for miles without any hassle, otherwise there will be huge expenditures on the car while repairing it. One must find the best garage for car service at the time of buying the car. Finding the right garage can solve many problems of the car owner including the servicing of the car.

In case one is looking for a car service garage then one must keep a few things in mind. There are many companies that claim a lot of things but in actual they provide nothing. So, trusting them will only be an act of stupidity. One must go with the research of the market to find out the best garage for servicing the car. One must look for a number of qualities in the garage before giving them the car for service. Giving the car for servicing is a great gesture of trust. The provides the best services in regard to cars and makes the owners very much satisfied.

Following are some of the things which one must consider while choosing the garage for car service:

  1. Deciding between the independent garage and the dealership department: the technicians who are there at the dealer specialists are being trained by the manufacturer themselves and they can work exclusively on the vehicle. Most of the dealers have a program for the employees to provide the training which includes not only the service but also other services to satisfy the consumers. But these kinds of services are very much expensive as compared to the independent garages. It is a myth that they have only the best technicians. There are many independent auto repair service garages as well that provide the best quality services to the consumers. Many of such garages are started by the people who were previously employees at the dealership service centres. So, this only up to the consumer that where he wants to give his car.
  2. The experience of the garage mechanic: this is the most important factor which is to be considered while giving the car for service. The number of years a garage has been in operation does not mean that it is the best garage as it has might employed a number of mechanics during that time period. One must have the confidence in the mechanic and not on the garage as the mechanic is the one who will be performing the task and not the garage. So, one must consider the experience of the mechanic of the garage while handing over the car to him.
  3. Good recommendations: The word of mouth is the best method to promote anything. Satisfied consumers bring a large number of consumers with them. So, one must never underestimate the power of good recommendations as it can provide a great number of consumers. One must make an effort to enquire about the experiences of the friends and family in regard to the car service garage in the area and one must go with the one which has best consumer service feedback and provides excellent work. The garage which works well and has satisfied consumers must be shortlisted for the consideration by the owner of the car.
  4. Considering the online reviews: in case one is not satisfied with the recommendations from friends and family then one can also go with the consideration of online reviews. One can go with the garage which is highly rated. One can also consider the consumer’s reviews which they have posted over there as that information is much more reliable than the ratings.
  5. The fair prices: consumers normally go with the garage that provides cheap service but they fail to understand that cheap service has no quality. On the other hand, very high prices of the services are also a wasteful effort as one can get the same service done at a comparatively lower price. One must go with the service which is fairly priced. For this one can compile a list of suitable garages and compare their prices. The one who is able to justify the price charged in regard to the service provided will be the best one.
  6. The garage which is well organized and clean: As all the garages deal with the grease so it is very much impractical to find a garage which is spotless. There must be a standard level of cleanliness and organization in the garage and it should not be messy in looks. One must go to the garage that is well organized, clean and uses the right parts for the car. One must also consider the waiting area so that one can wait while the service has been done.
  7. Ensure that the mechanic explains everything very well: Whenever one takes the car to the mechanic one must make sure that the mechanic is able to understand what the fault is and also he is able to explain to the owner about the repair related things. One must ask a number of questions about the repair things and even the cost involved as well. The more one will ask more comfortable one will be. This will help to develop trust over the mechanic and will ensure that he will do an honest job.
  8. Asking about the parts which he will be using: one may ask about the components which are being used by the mechanic and the price of repairs may change accordingly depending upon the parts which are in use. Any case the mechanic is not fully open and happy to tell all the things then one may go elsewhere.


One can also get quotes from various garages in the areas which suits one. This will help to provide a number of options from which one can be chosen and the car for service can be given to him. This will also provide an opportunity to compare the prices as well.